Hello there!

I’m Stephanie and you may or may not know me from my dozens of previous blogging ventures. I tend to have a problem with starting things, not finishing them, getting bored and starting something new. In fact, I’m actually procrastinating right this very second. I should be writing a personal statement. Despite being quite a confident person I still feel a bit awkward writing those things. Actually I usually feel a bit strange writing introductory posts but I think this one seems to be going okay.
Unlike my previous blog I’m not going to try and post every day, because that just didn’t work at all. I suppose you can consider what this is going to be as a lifestyle blog? I don’t have in mind any specific direction to go in, so let’s just go with, I’m going to try not to be boring!?
Anyway please bear with me whilst I try and get everything up and running properly and I’ll pay you in love!
Stephanie x

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