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2015 Goals

Everyone I follow has been making lists of things they’d like to accomplish in 2015, and I figured I may as well join in, especially since this is a brand new venture and there’s a load of leeway with what I can do!

  1. BLOG! – I mentioned in my ¡Hola! post that I have previously attempted blogging and failed dismally. I think last time I set myself a ridiculous challenge of posting every day, and once I eventually missed a day it felt like I didn’t know where to go on from there. So this time around I’m going to post worthwhile things whenever they come to me. I also have a little something in the works to make sure I post at least one thing a month!
  2. Get closer towards achieving my goals – I’m sure I’ll end up making a nice long post about all the things I want to do with my future eventually, but essentially my ambitions are to become a diplomat. I’ve always loved travelling, and my dad was actually a diplomat himself, and working all around the world, meeting all sorts of people and becoming enriched through all the different cultures you encounter really appeals to me. It’s an incredibly difficult profession to get into, so I really need to seize any opportunities I get to increase my standing!
  3. Procrastinate (much) less – Procrastinating is an absolutely terrible habit of mine. I’m never going to stop – it’s not in my nature. It’s just inherent in my personality type and the sort of person that I am, just to procrastinate. Put things off, start new things… Remember in my first post I mentioned procrastinating writing a personal statement? I’m still doing that. Except now I’m putting off writing something else too. I have both the windows open with a couple of paragraphs of text, but I just can’t get into finishing them off! I’m honestly surprised I’ve even concentrated long enough to write this post without getting distracted…
I have a few other things in mind but I’m not writing them down as I’m not convinced I can commit to them. You know, the whole thing about setting reasonable targets instead of fantastical things to be disappointed about not achieving. So for now, that’s everything. I love reading through other people’s future plans too, so send me yours!
Stephanie x

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