Penguin Of The Month

Penguin Of The Month: January

As a way of making sure I don’t flake out on posting at least one thing every month, I’m making a feature called ‘Penguin Of The Month.’
Little bit of background for you, every year at Christmas my mum and I exchange calendars: I usually get her either Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen depending on how she feels that year and who she had the year before, and in return she usually gets me one based on a TV show. The past few years it’s been Glee, but I’ve gone completely off it after the disaster known as season 5 (which I never even finished), and I couldn’t commit to an entire year’s worth of any other TV shows they had, so I asked for a penguin one instead. I’ve always liked sharing the months’ photos, be it on Twitter or Instagram, so I figured- what better way to share my penguins than with my blog readers!
Here’s this month’s:

© 2014 Biosphoto / SuperStock
The caption says, “Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) and chicks on the Antarctic ice.”
Penguins! Until next month!
Stephanie x
Penguin of the Month is taken from the Brown Trout Penguins 2015 calendar. All copyrights belong to Brown Trout and the quoted copyright owner.



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