(Science Fiction) Double Feature

One thing I’ve always wanted to do was a double feature at the cinema. There’s different types of double feature: the ones where the cinema shows the previous film(s) in the series before the new one, the naughty ones where you duck into a different screening as you’re coming out of the other one, and the kind I’ve always wanted to do, seeing one film, having a break, then going back in for another one.

Well, I went to the Trafford Centre with my friend Jess on Friday and we did exactly that! Jess used to live in New York, so when I told her we had a 5 Guys in the Trafford Centre, she absolutely wanted to try it out. I think it lived up to her expectations!
That’s a “little” portion of fries. And there were more in the bag.
I love how the drinks machine has a load of crazy flavours to choose from. Grape Fanta is one of my favourite drinks of all time but I find that the draft always tastes far too watered down. Today I went with old trusty Cherry Coke (another all-time favourite) but Jess was boring and got water… All together now, boooo!
We also had an obligatory snoop around the Disney Store and tried on a couple of accessories…
“Do or do not. There is no try.”
Hey webhead!
We went to the cinema with the intention of seeing Into The Woods, but when we got there we were looking at the times and Jess said, “ohh I really, really want to see Mockingjay!” So I suggested seeing it, and she said, “but I really wanna see Into The Woods too…” Then the idea hit us at exactly the same time. “LET’S SEE BOTH!” And we did, and it was good.
A tale of two tickets.
Bathroom selfie at the midway point.
Jess wanted to try out the massage chair, she now wants one at home…


Have you ever been to a double feature? What did you see? Bonus points if you get the reference in the post title! (Although, it’s not particularly obscure.)
Stephanie x

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