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I’m not really one for posting OOTD posts but the other week I went out for my colleague’s leaving do and I was so into my outfit, I wanted to share it. I couldn’t find everything that I wore since some of them are from a couple of seasons ago, but I chose some similar things.
Black quilted PU bomber jacket, £55 from Next – I have been wanting a new leather-look jacket for a while, as the last one I got was brown instead of black, and I fancied a change. So I treated myself to this one! This is the same as the one I’m wearing, and as you can just about see, it’s not quite as shiny as the product photo makes it out to be. It’s really comfortable and looks really casual when you don’t do the zip up. A black leather-look jacket is definitely a wardrobe essential!
MOTO black Leigh jeans, £38 from Topshop – These are also the same as the ones I’m wearing. I love how comfortable these are, Topshop’s supersoft skinny jeans are my absolute favourites. I have about 4 different pairs that I alternate between but the black ones are probably the ones I wear most.
Grey rib quilted sweater, £14.99 from New Look – In the Next boxing day sale I got a jumper similar to this and it’s honestly the most comfortable jumper I own. Mine has a long zip all the way down the back, though, which I thought would annoy me a lot more than it does. That said, it does still annoy me from time to time and I can’t wear it without a vest underneath, so this New Look jumper looks like it has all the benefits of my jumper, without the irritating zip. Win! It’s not very similar to the one I wore but chunky knitted sweaters are starting to go out for Spring/Summer ’15 now anyway, in favour of thinner jumpers, like this grey one!
Pink stone owl necklace, £5 from Claire’s – My mum has been obsessed with owls since before I was born, and the love of those birds seems to have caught on with me, too. Whereas mum manifests her admiration with little statuettes, I tend to have jewellery. I have a few pairs of earrings and a couple of necklaces, a ring and even a brooch (and I hate brooches!). I love the necklace I’m wearing in the photo, as it doesn’t have an overkill on the jewels but still manages to glint in the light. Having said that, I’m looking at the owl necklace I’ve found for this post and I’m thinking I may have to go out and buy it some time soon… Oops.
Black lace-up block heel boots, were £27.99, now £14 from New Look – I love boots. I think that a good pair of boots can be formal or casual depending on how you dress it up. This combination is fairly smart casual itself but you could swap the bomber jacket for a blazer to make it more formal, or to stay warm in this chilly weather you could wear a parka to mellow it out a little bit. 
Leah Crossbody handbag in tan, £45 from Fiorelli – My friend Jade went to university in Chester, so when I’d go and visit her, we’d always take a trip to Cheshire Oaks for a Wagamama’s and a snoop around some of the outlet shops. Jade’s favourite shop there is the Fiorelli shop, and I’d never actually looked at their bags properly before going there with her. I ended up buying a handbag and a purse, and then came back a few weeks later with my mum and she offered to buy me a smaller handbag just for going out. I prefer the cross body style handbags because I don’t like having to worry about holding the straps together whilst it’s on my shoulder- when you’re wearing a handbag with a shoulder strap you end up readjusting it quite regularly, which tends to get quite annoying. My handbag is a little different to this one but it’s just the right weight where if you wanted to wear it on one shoulder without crossing it over your body it still sits comfortably, and Fiorelli bags are really well made so I’m sure this one looks like it would be the same!
This is the first outfit post I’ve ever done but it’s been quite fun. What do you think of my style? Is it quite similar or quite different to yours? Should I make another outfit post in future or stick to the day job? All these questions, drop me a line and let me know!
Stephanie x

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