Recently I’ve seen a few posts about loving your fellow Bloggers, and given that my friends who blog were my inspiration to start myself, I thought I’d do a ‘favourite bloggers’ style post.

Jane – Poptarts Beauty



So, Jane and I met in 2009 on Tumblr through a mutual friend, Aleshia. We became really good friends really quickly and met up a few times because she didn’t live too far away. When we went to university, she did her first year in Leeds and I was in York, and we met up once to see the Courteeners (and Liam Fray gave Jane his tambourine. Let’s never forget that.) We sort of drifted apart a little after that, even though we both went back home after our first years. Then Jane started up Poptarts Beauty and I remember reading through it after she’d had it going for a while and being so impressed! Jane definitely inspires me, and she recently moved even closer to where I live, so we’re hoping to start spending more time together again.

September 2009…
And December 2013

Hannah – hannahlouisef

Hannah and I met through Tumblr, too- I started following her after I saw someone reblogging quite a few things I liked from her, and she followed me back not too long after. Hannah’s been doing the blogging thing since before I followed her, and her hard work and dedication is something I truly admire. I remember when there was a Daily Mail article all about her and her humility about it was really something to behold. It’s easy to let attention go to your head but in all the time I’ve known her she’s just been one of the loveliest people ever. I’ll always be interested to see what she’s up to next, and I hope that one day we finally get to meet up!

Sarah – Temporary:Secretary

When I first came across Sarah it was when Temporary:Secretary used to be a little online jewellery shop! I loved so many of the things she sold, and we eventually became friends on Twitter chatting about all sorts of things. Eventually she decided to focus more on her blog- all the hard work she had been putting into her jewellery transferred to her blog and it’s blossomed since! She regularly posts photos of Oscar the cat and Bonnie the poodle pup in amongst her beautiful outfit posts- I’m always filled with massive hair envy!

Laura – Loulabeth

I only recently started following Laura, but we work together and we’re good friends. When we became friends on Facebook I noticed that she had a blog and had a peek. I love Laura’s blogging style and I especially love having sneaky looks at photos of her little puggy, Tilly! Laura was probably the final push that I needed to set up a new blog, to be honest, when we were talking about it at work and she told me to go for it. I used to vlog as well, and when she told me she filmed a few videos I said she should make some of them public, and so I was excited when she did a couple of days later! She’s recently had a few days off work and I’ve missed her a lot, but she’s back now and hopefully we’ll have a shift together soon.

These girls are my four favourite bloggers, they’re all incredibly hard working and genuinely lovely people, and if you aren’t following them you are missing out. I’m always looking for new people to follow so if I’m missing someone you think I’d like based on these guys, please do let me know!

Stephanie x


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