Four For Friday

Four for Friday #1

When bloggers have a series of posts, I often find myself going through every single post of that type- I love following series’. For instance, Laura has a series of “my week in pictures” nabbed from her Instagram, and the other week I scrolled through every one of them, her statistics must have gone haywire- sorry Laura! It’s inspired me to start my own regular series though, a weekly one to keep Penguin Of The Month company, which I’m calling ‘Four for Friday.’ These are going to be top (or bottom) four lists, every Friday. I plan on varying the seriousness/simplicity but this week’s is only going to be quite basic!
Four Favourite… Pizza Toppings
Pizza is probably my favourite kind of food. It’s ten minutes past midnight as I write this and I’m not joking you, I’m thinking about the pizza currently languishing in my freezer. (I say languishing, it’s only been there a few days. Between my brother and I, pizza does not last very long in this house.) I digress, here are my top four pizza toppings…
4. Plain cheese. It’s very hard to argue with the original, the classic pizza Margherita. I don’t even know what to say about a good old cheesy pizza because whether you have it on a thin base or a pan base you know you’re in for melty cheesy goodness! The only con is that it’s quite unadventurous.
3. Texas BBQ from Dominos. I’m quite stuck in my ways when it comes to trying new pizzas but in my first year at university, one of my flatmates introduced me to the palate pleaser known as Texas BBQ. Replacing the tomato sauce with BBQ sauce almost feels like sacrilege, but give it a chance… You get cheese, chicken, bacon, peppers, and red onions. (Which, if you’re like me, you can always remove. Onions on pizza? ONIONS???) Dominos give you a little pot of Garlic & Herb sauce, too, for dunking your crusts in, but I prefer to save my dip for other chicken-based endeavours.
2. Pepperoni. The other, more carnivorous, classic option to pizza Margherita. You probably thought pepperoni was going to be number one, didn’t you? Never underestimate me! Pepperoni is amazing, whereas plain cheese pizzas can be a bit of a let down if you don’t get the consistency of the melty cheese just perfect, it’s very hard to ruin a pepperoni pizza.
1. Salami. In England, ‘salami’ or ‘spicy salami’ seems to be an interchangeable term for ‘pepperoni,’ but I can assure you that pizzas with real salami meat on top are very real, and very much the best pizzas you can encounter. I grew up in Germany where a good, hearty, stone-baked salami pizza was almost as commonplace as a pepperoni one, so I’m quite shocked at how hard it is to find them in the UK. Until recently, Tesco used to stock a really delicious Dr. Oetker Tradizionale salami pizza, which appears to have been discontinued. Also, whilst we’re talking about Dr. Oetker, they used to do a salami-only Ristorante pizza, but they’ve turned it into either “pepperoni-salami,” or “speciale,” both of which have salami accompanied by bits of pepperoni, or in the case of the latter, bits of ham and mushrooms. Not quite the same. But if you ever come across a just-salami pizza and wonder whether to get it instead of old-trusty pepperoni, the answer, wholeheartedly, is YES!
What’s your favourite pizza topping?! Have you ever had a salami pizza? What should my next Four for Friday tackle? Have a lovely weekend!
Stephanie x


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