Week In Photos

My Week In Photos

1) Snowy Manchester We go to Manchester every Sunday to visit my Grandma. I was born in Manchester and I love it with every fibre of my being, eeeexcept when it’s covered in snow.
2) Dim Sum When we visit Grandma we always take her out somewhere, and this Sunday we went to a dim sum restaurant. I think the waiters get really confused because I always order using the Chinese names for the dishes but I don’t get any of Grandma’s Asian looks!
3) Fireside Treats Yankee Candle This is my favourite scent of Yankee Candle, although, to be fair, I haven’t smelled too many of them. My mum pointed out that I hadn’t burnt it in a while so I lit it up on Sunday evening.
4) American Beauty/American Psycho My favourite band’s new album came out this week! My copy actually arrived on Saturday, but since it was only officially released on Monday, it totally counts as this week. Fall Out Boy have never had a UK number 1 album and this could just do it for them today! Update: it came in at number 2 on the album charts which is a little disappointing but I’m still proud of everything they’ve achieved.
5) Tuesday evening snow Luckily the snow had all melted by Wednesday morning, but when I got home from work on Tuesday, the snow compacting under my tyres made it sound like I’d hit the wooden edging which was a bit worrying.
6) “My hair broke my hairbrush!” I have really thick, long hair, and on Wednesday my long-suffering hairbrush finally gave up the ghost. Rest In Pieces.
7) Fall Out Thursday As I mentioned, Fall Out Boy are my favourite band, and on Thursday night they did a following spree on Twitter, right after I had tweeted them to say I had bought the physical album and the iTunes copy. I like to think I was the cause of the following spree. No big deal. A little bit later they took over the iTunes Facebook page to do a Q&A session and they answered my question! I had a great Thursday.


8) Wagamama’s Beef Teriyaki Donburi Whenever I go to Cheshire Oaks, I go to Wagamama. And whenever I go to Wagamama I order the Prawn Kare Lomen. So this time I was adventurous and tried something new. But I think deep down I was still sad that I didn’t get the prawns. 

9) Cheshire Oaks Haul I wanted a new bag and ended up with a few other things as well since Fiorelli were having a “one-day only, 70% off all items” sale. I’ll have a haul post up one day this week!

Hope you all had a lovely week too!
Stephanie x

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