Cheshire Oaks Haul

I always have a bit of a giggle at ‘haul’ posts because it conjures up images of someone literally heaving loads and loads of bags full of things home with them.

I’ve been wanting a new bag for a while because my current one is a bit big and bulky, and as I mentioned in my Stephanie Style post, I love Fiorelli bags, so after payday I got myself down to Cheshire Oaks to buy one. As it turned out, they were having a ‘one day only, 70% off all items’ sale! I couldn’t say no, and I picked up a new purse too, since the glue in the coin section of mine seems to have given up the ghost. My mum even treated herself to a new bag too, but at £17.70, down from £59, you’d need super human willpower to say no. Mum also kindly treated me to a new pair of Vans, and I picked up some make up, since I was running out, and a new make up bag since mine is looking a bit grim! And, naturally, we just had to visit the Cadbury shop. We bought a box of chocolates which we munched that evening and a couple of things for my brother, too.
Here come the photos…

Have you ever been to Cheshire Oaks? If so, what are your favourite shops to visit? Let me know!

Stephanie x

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