Week In Photos

My Week In Photos 2

Happy February! Somehow I’ve managed to take/find another week’s worth of photos to jabber on about, so here we go!

1) Starbucks White Hot Chocolate As you may have read in this post, this week I embarked upon the Starbucks Star Dash challenge which I managed to start straight away because I am awesome.
2) Blink-182 drama There was a load of drama surrounding Blink-182 this week. This photo is actually from Leeds festival 2014, my third time seeing them live. I’m quite sad about Tom leaving the band but at the same time, this time around I can find comfort in the fact I got to see them!
3) Throwback Tuesday I was reminiscing on Tuesday and found this tweet from Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship, sent exactly four years ago to the day. He’d been having a bad time with some other “fan” so I quoted his own lyrics from the song Guilty Pleasure, “f*** ’em if they can’t take a joke,” and this was his response. Aww. I also started listening to Gabe’s old band Midtown this week, although I’m not sure how I never knew about them until last year or why I’ve only just started listening to them.
4) Fall Out Boy phone case I bought this from Amazon a couple of weeks ago and it finally arrived, and I love it! I love this photo too, it’s very artsy for me.
5) American Sniper On Tuesday I saw American Sniper with my best friend Louise, we’re planning on making an attempt to get through the Oscar nominees. I’m not normally one for war movies but I’m familiar with Chris Kyle’s story and I was interested to see how they would pan it out on screen. I think it really highlighted the need for proper psychiatric aftercare for war veterans, but that might just be my Psych degree talking.
6) Thundersnow storms? What thundersnow storms? I took this photo because everyone was talking about the snow and dangerous driving conditions, but we had the sun. It was still cold, but not snowing, so I wanted to share it. Of course, I must have cursed it, because not 5 minutes later, it started hailing again. Oops.
7) Nandos! I went out for lunch with Lindsey and Jess, two of my friends from work, before my shift. I normally get the chicken wings but Lindsey convinced me earlier in the week to try the butterfly chicken. (I always get the medium spice, it’s not that I don’t like spicy food because believe me, I do, but I just prefer the medium!) I also got garlic bread and peri-peri chips with ‘perinaise’ which is mayonnaise flavoured with peri-peri sauce, and it is wonderful.
8) Bowling A few of my friends from work and I had been planning to go bowling for a couple of weeks, so we went this Saturday. It was really fun, and not just because I won both rounds. *pops collar*
9) Pizza Hut After a hearty couple of games of bowling, we headed to Pizza Hut. We were going to go to a restaurant called Coast To Coast, but we hadn’t thought of booking a table and it would have been a 40 minute wait!? No thanks, we just wanted pizza. I had half a large pepperoni pizza with cheesy bites, mmm. Pizza.
Stephanie x

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