Four For Friday

Four For Friday #3

Look I made a funky feature image! Thanks to picjumbo for the photo!
I had quite a struggle trying to think of what to post about this week, so any suggestions for the future will be very enthusiastically welcomed.
Four things… I’m looking forward to
All Time Low This month I’m seeing All Time Low on their co-headline tour with You Me At Six in Birmingham and Manchester. Thanks to the ATL Hustler club, the band’s official fan club, I managed to win Meet & Greets with the band before the show! I’ve been listening to them for around six years now, and I’ve seen them live around four or five times, but I’ve never actually met them before, so I’m really excited! I’m seeing them at Wembley in March as well, but details on Meet & Greets for that haven’t been revealed yet. Fingers crossed, though!
Fall Out Boy My favourite band, no secrets there. Obviously I’m looking forward to seeing them, but I splashed out on a VIP upgrade, meaning that in October, I’ll get to meet them for the first time ever, too. I’ve been in love with them since around 2004, so I’m sure you can imagine how excited I feel. I’m already counting down the days! (245…)
New Year’s Eve Without a doubt New Year’s Eve has always been my favourite day of the year. It’s not something I can explain, but I think it’s down to the traditions my family have. We always have party food for dinner, we always brave the trip to Tesco’s, we always complain about the people who shop in Tesco’s on New Year’s Eve… recently a new one of mine is watching the movie of the same name. I’m a huge sucker for cheesy rom coms, what can I say? Unfortunately NYE 2014 saw me in work until we shut and NYD 2015 had me in work before we opened, but this year I’ve been more prepared and booked the time off well in advance!
Deadpool: The Movie I love Wade Wilson, he’s an absolute lunatic! He’s a close second place for my favourite Marvel character, behind my one true love, Spider-Man. Deadpool is under appreciated, the comic books are absolutely brilliant and his character has a certain flair that nobody else can quite imitate. The leaked test footage was incredible, and I’m so glad that they’ve cast Ryan Reynolds as the man himself. Despite his strange representation in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, basically everyone involved in this movie has assured fans that we’re in for the merc with a mouth we all know and love. February 2016 can’t come quickly enough!
Do you have anything special you’re looking forward to in the foreseeable future? Let me know!
Stephanie x

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