Week In Photos

My Week In Photos 3

To be fair, this is more like a fortnight in photos. But it’s been a pretty good fortnight.

1) Butter king prawns There’s a Malaysian restaurant in Manchester which I love, they sell loads of different Malaysian and South Indian dishes. The butter king prawns are probably my favourite starter, they’re just so delicious. There’s no way to describe them, you’ll just have to try them for yourself some time.
2) Donut burger? Lindsey and I went to a pub nearby which sells some monstrosity known as a donut burger. It’s literally a beef burger with cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce, and in place of buns, there are donuts. I tried a little bit and I hate to admit that it actually kind of works, in a weird way.
3) American goodies I’ve been looking for a Tesco which sells American treats for a while, as the one I always visit doesn’t. I even tried the one near my Grandma’s house but they didn’t have any either! But I’ve finally found one, and I picked up some Nerds, Gatorade, Pop Tarts and peanut butter M&Ms.
4-8) All Time Low On Tuesday I saw All Time Low in Birmingham (which is why I didn’t manage to post anything on Wednesday sorry- I was driving back home!) and I was lucky enough to have won a meet and greet with the band! So here, in order, are my photos with Jack, Rian, Alex and Zack. I’m absolutely in love with my photo with Alex, it’s my new profile picture everywhere and even my lock screen, so naturally I have to post it again on its own right now:

And number 8 is a photo of Alex performing Therapy solo and acoustic. Despite not being at the front I was still really close. Although, I had to be pulled out of the crowd after their set, because I started to feel claustrophobic- I was surrounded by tall people! I enjoyed You Me At Six from the back, though. I actually met and saw them again on Friday but I won’t bore you with two lots of meet and greet photos.

9) My Little Box I received my first My Little Paris box on Friday! I’ll be writing up a review of it soon so keep your eyes open for that.
Stephanie x

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