My Little Box

My Little Frenchie Box – February

My Little Box was something that kept popping up as a recommended page on my Facebook, and since they were offering your first box for just £11 with the code FIRSTBOX, I thought I’d give it a try. My Little Box is more of a lifestyle box than your typical subscription boxes such as Glossybox which has more of a focus on beauty.
Each month the boxes have themes, for instance January’s theme was Energy. This month’s was inspired by Inès De La Fressange. I don’t know much about her, but from reading the little magazine that came enclosed, I can tell you she’s a French model and fashion designer. Ooh!
My box came delivered inside another cardboard box which had the quote shown in the first picture stuck to it. I peeled it off and stuck it inside the lid of my actual Little Box.
Everything inside is packages really neatly, with the bits of make up wrapped in a cute little pouch. There were four things inside the pouch.
1) DHC Blotting Paper, £4.00 for 100 sheets. I don’t typically have very oily skin but the information leaflet says it can come in handy for those sweaty days, so these might join me on my next night out.
2) Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper by L’Oreal Paris, £5.99. With Cara Delevigne-style eyebrows being very on trend at the moment, you can use this plumper to try and recreate the look. The card suggests that it does the job of a pencil, a powder and a brush all in one. I’ve only recently come over to the eyebrow pencil side of life from having translucent, blonde brows for more than 20 years, so I suppose I’ll give this a shot soon! It comes in 3 shades, but the one in my box was transparent. So maybe I won’t be putting my pencil away just yet.
3) Terrybly Khôl Pencil by By Terry, £23. I’m a huge fan of my waterproof Stila liquid eyeliner but I tend to give it a bit more oomph with a black crayon, so I’m really excited to try this one out! My eyes tend to get very watery, so anything waterproof is right up my street.
4) Complexion Enhancer- Glowing Skin by My Little Beauty, £9.50. My Little Beauty is the brand of own products My Little Paris carry and they like to throw some of their own things into the mix! This month it’s a complexion brightening cream with Apricot Kernel oil. It moisturises your skin, and it says it’s for any skin type and tone, which is good! I don’t tend to moisturise (I know!) but this smells so yummy I might be tempted.
There were a couple of other goodies too- a little pot of 28 messages (£6.50) which I haven’t opened yet, and a PU and canvas smartphone case (£16). I have an iPhone 6 and it fits snugly but sticks out the top a little bit, but it’s designed for use with a number of smartphones so there will likely be a bit of a discrepancy with any phone. It’s still cute and gets the job of protecting your phone done, as well as having a little pouch to put a card or train tickets in when you’re on the go. How handy!

I really enjoyed my first My Little Box and I’m already looking forward to seeing what comes next month! I would recommend this to anybody really, since it’s quite diverse and not entirely centred around beauty. Past lifestyle products have included laptop cases and mugs, so it really can be quite varied.

Stephanie x

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