Four For Friday

Four For Friday #5

Four things… I last Googled
1) “Lucy Beale” – yes, after not having watched Eastenders for around 10 years, I’ve fallen back onto the bandwagon and started watching the live shows surrounding the revelation of Lucy Beale’s murderer. You can’t judge me more than I’m already judging myself.
2) “slow loris” – On Radio One yesterday Scott Mills was talking about a band named Loris, so called after this little animal. It looks like a lemur/sloth if you ask me.
3) “Gong xi fa cai” – this Thursday was Chinese New Year and this was me checking the spelling of the greeting in Mandarin. I don’t actually speak Mandarin, or Cantonese, although I did try to teach myself a while back. This year is the year of the sheep, which is what 1991 was, meaning it’s definitely going to be my year!
4) “Best London tube app” – In one month from today, I’m going to Wembley to see All Time Low (yes, again, don’t judge me) and I’ve been making sure everything is all prepared and ready this week. I found the Citymapper app and I’m hoping it lives up to the four-and-a-half star review and that I won’t get lost! These next 28 days need to hurry on up.
Stephanie x



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