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All Time Low/You Me At Six – Birmingham Genting Arena and ManchesterArena

I just can’t shut up about All Time Low lately. I mentioned in my most recent Week In Photos that I met and saw the band twice this week on their co-headline tour with You Me At Six, and I wanted to do a little review. I do some album reviews for On Record Magazine, but I’ve never done a live review, and since someone else is already writing their thoughts up for OR I thought I’d post my own little piece on here.

Firstly, the support for the tour came from Walk The Moon. I didn’t think I’d heard of them until they played Anna Sun, right at the end of their set. I really enjoyed them although quite a few people around me didn’t seem to. I did think at a few points that they sounded slightly like The Killers, and then they covered All These Things That I’ve Done, and I had a little chuckle to myself. I’d definitely recommend checking out Shut Up And Dance of all their songs, they managed to get even the misers dancing and singing back to them with that one.
Setlist- Tightrope; Jenny; Up 2 U; Shut Up And Dance; All These Things That I’ve Done (Killers cover); Anna Sun

All Time Low, on their Love Like Tour tour, came out to Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye each night, and they did the same again on this tour, which was a nice throwback. The band gave their typically energetic performance, with the usual silly stage banter and regular nudity (yes you, Jack Barakat.) It was very clear that ATL were so excited to be playing UK arenas- personally I felt a bit emotional for them when I thought about how they were playing in the Manchester Arena after all these years playing at the Academy. Therapy was just Alex and a guitar, and the number of lights on phones during the song was absolutely beautiful. They also played Something’s Gotta Give from their upcoming album Future Hearts and you could tell they were so pleased with how many people knew the words already. They actually filmed the performance in Manchester where I was at the barrier, so if I find this video and I’m in it, I’ll definitely have to share it with you all. The boys are back again next month headlining Wembley Arena, which goes to show that 2015 is clearly going to be All Time Low’s year.
Setlist- A Love Like War; Lost In Stereo; Heroes; Stella; Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t); Forget About It; The Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver; Weightless; Therapy; Somewhere In Neverland; Backseat Serenade; Time-Bomb; Something’s Gotta Give; The Reckless And The Brave; Dear Maria, Count Me In

Finally You Me At Six played. I’ve always been a bit lukewarm on YMAS, at college my friends were very much YMAS or ATL, pick a preference, not both. I have seen them before at Leeds Festival in 2010, and I will admit they’re very good at live performances. Several people tried, with varying degrees of success, not to cry during Fireworks but the performance was very emotive and it was a bit of a struggle! It did, however, feel like YMAS received a larger proportion of the technical budget than ATL did. There were fireworks and confetti cannons as well as big bouncy balls released during a few songs, and there was something Josh Franceschi said in Birmingham which sort of put me on edge. “This tour is not just a one-band effort, so give it up for our friends Walk The Moon and All Time Low!” Or words to that effect, which felt a bit awkward given that this has been billed as a co-headliner, yet the YMAS Twitter account kept tweeting the hashtag #YMASArenaTour. They still gave an enjoyable performance with enough older songs to sing along to.
Setlist- Room To Breathe; Stay With Me; Loverboy; Contagious Chemistry; The Consequence; No One Does It Better; Underdog; Carpe Diem; The Dilemma; Reckless; Crash; Fireworks; Forgive And Forget; Bite My Tongue; Fresh Start Fever; Lived A Lie

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