MBTI Personality Types

ENFP, INTP, ESTJ, ISFJ… Have you ever seen these combinaions of letters floating around and wondered what the heck they were all about?
There’s a personality test called the ‘Myers-Briggs Type Indicator,’ which sorts you into a personality type based on where you fit into each of the categories. There are 8 different letters and 16 types. The dichotomies are:

E/I – Extroversion/Introversion: pretty self-explanatory, are you outgoing or quite shy?
N/S – Intuition/Sensing: when you judge how people are feeling, do you use your natural knowledge of people or sense their body language?
F/T – Feeling/Thinking: do you make decisions based on how you feel or do you think them through?
P/J – Perceiving/Judging: do you like to just observe or do you prefer to make decisions?

There are plenty of websites which let you take the test for free, all you have to do is answer each question completely honestly. The website I used is called 16 Personalities.
I have to admit that once I read mine I sent the link to everyone and made all my friends take the test too, I just completely agreed with everything I was reading about myself! Now, when it comes to horoscopes I’m entirely skeptical, because I’m certain they have just made up some rubbish that anybody could relate to if they tried hard enough, and then attributed it to a random horoscope. I’ve even been the douche who reads out the wrong horoscope to people for them to reply, “OMG that’s so true!” So when I read through this I thought I’d choose a few others to read through, and whilst most of them had a few bits and pieces I agreed with, nothing quite compared to mine.
My result was ‘ENFP,’ also known as the champion, and according to the ever-reliable source, Wikipedia, we account for about 7% of the population. We’re very easily distracted and tend to start things without finishing them (sounds very familiar!)

I really love how amazed people are when they take the test and tell me how much like the type description they are so please let me know if you do take it, what your result is and how much you can relate to it – even if you can’t really!

Stephanie x


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