Four For Friday

Four For Friday #6

Four… stances on #TheDress
By now you must have seen this dress that’s been circling the Internet. Tumblr user Swiked is credited as being the one who uploaded the article of clothing which has everyone debating exactly what colour it is. If, by some weird little miracle, you haven’t seen it yet, or if you need a reminder, here’s the culprit:
1) Black and Blue This is where I sit on the argument. I simply can’t see this dress as anything other than black and blue, unless I whack the exposure up to ridiculous extremes comme ça:
And now I can obviously see it as the other side of the argument that’s tearing relationships apart…
2) White and Gold I know so many different people who struggle to see this dress as anything other than white and gold. No matter how hard they try, they simply can’t see it as black and blue at all, and can’t understand just how people can see it that way.
3) Purple and Brown Okay I’ll admit that I can see where people are coming from with this one. Because of the lighting, the blue has a bit of a purpley shade to it, and the black can look a little bit brown. But if you take the lighting’s effect out of the equation it’s definitely black and blue!
4) Well, it was white and gold, then it was black and blue for a bit, but now it’s white and gold again..? I’ve read some explanations for why everyone’s seeing this thing so vastly differently. The most common reason is due to the cones in your eyes. There are fewer blue cones than green and red cones, and since the colour blue has a shorter wavelength, those fewer cones have to work even harder. So people with stronger cones are more sensitive to light and can see the blue, whereas those whose cones are weaker are less light sensitive and can only see white (because of the red and green cones). Further to that, these cones can be affected by loads of external factors, including the ambient light in the room, and even how tired you are. So, loads of people are waking up this morning, absolutely adamant that the dress was white and gold last night, to find that they’re now seeing it as black and blue. So that’s science.
Honourable number 5) “Nobody cares, the dress is hideous anyway, get that photo away from me.” This opinion is becoming a lot more popular and I certainly understand why. Argh!
So what colour is it supposed to be? Well, Swiked posted another photo of the dress actually being worn, which blew some ‘white-and-gold’ minds.

And the some internet sleuths tracked down the dress and found the people responsible for this monstrosity. Roman Originals list the dress on their website as being…

Royal blue. So that’s that sorted! Let’s all go back to whatever we were doing before this dress broke the Internet Kim Kardashian-style, shall we? Er… what was I doing?!

Stephanie x

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