My Little Box

My Little Super Box – March

Since this is my second month of being subscribed to My Little Box, I got a very exciting email about a week ago…
Anybody who knows me, knows just how much I love all things superhero-related, especially Marvel. So the fact that this month’s theme is Super made me so happy!
The protective cardboard box which the box itself was delivered in had a little surprise on the address label as well…

Terrific! Yes! The quote stuck inside said “Make Yourself Epic,” which is a nice sentiment, but hey… I’m already epic!

Enclosed this time around was the usual My Little World magazine, along with some super stickers! (£4 from They’re far too cute to just stick them anywhere, but my favourite one says, “be your own hero.” This is something I really believe in! Instead of asking people for help with something that’s a bit difficult, find a new way of looking at it and try doing it yourself if it’s within your capability! I recently wanted a pair of boots from the shoe cabinet in our garage, but my brother had piled quite a few boxes in front of it. Typical, I know! Well, I had been asking for help all week but nobody wanted to help me. Luckily I’ve had some experience moving heavy boxes lately and I’ve got the muscles to show for it! So I moved everything myself and found my pretty boots. There’s also an episode of The Mindy Project where Mindy decides to be her own role model. As I see a lot of myself in Mindy, I was inspired to do the same and it’s honestly so refreshing. So yes, be your own hero! I might need to find somewhere special for that sticker!

I also got this t-shirt (£29, from, which is quite cute, but the material feels fairly clingy. I’m not sure it’s something I’d wear really, but it’s still cute! I love the fact that it came inside a little cardboard roll with a sticker on it, saying, “every girl is a super hero.”

There were three things inside the beauty pouch this month:
1) Hand and Nail Cream by Caudalie, £12 for 75ml. There’s also a code for 20% off any product from the Caudalie website. I’m not really one for hand creams, I am essentially glued to my phone and don’t want it to get greasy cream prints all over it! I do use hand cream sometimes, when my hands feel ridiculously dry, so the next time they do, I’ll give this a go. It has avocado extracts in, and I know avocados are two things: very greasy, but also very healthy. It also smells really nice!
2) Lait Cristal Conditioner by Kérastase, £20 for 200ml. And you get a code for 20% off the Kérastase website too! I’m just going to come out and say that this conditioner is incredible. It smells amazing, and it makes your hair smell amazing all day, too. I might have to use my code for a full size bottle! The only annoying thing is you’re supposed to wash your hair, towel dry it, then apply the conditioner, wait 2-3 minutes, then rinse it out again. I tend to wring my hair out and apply it, keeping my hair out of the direct flow of the shower, but I’m guessing doing it the proper way would be even more effective. It’s had a noticeable impact on my hair though, it’s a lot shinier and looks healthier, right from the first use. I really do like this product!
3) Lips & Cheeks Pencil by My Little Beauty, £10.50. The colour is described as peach, which is a good colour for something which can be used as both a blusher and a lipstick. I personally never use blusher, although I’ve been told that I have lovely cheekbones and blusher would help accentuate them. I have used this as a lipstick, though.
Check out that pout. I like the colour, I’ve been told several times that redheads and people with very pale complexions can really rock red, but my favourite lipstick is coral. I think this lip pencil is good for daily wear as opposed to using it for big occasions. It’s not vastly different from the natural colour of my lips so it accentuates them but not in an overtly obvious way.
I’ve seen some posts on Twitter saying a few people got some different things! Did you get this box and receive anything different? Let me know!
Stephanie x

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