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Review: All Time Low – Future Hearts

I’m a really big fan of All Time Low, if you hadn’t realised, and on Monday (in the UK, anyway) the guys released their new album, Future Hearts. The band’s last album, Don’t Panic! was released in 2012, and although in 2013 they released a few extra songs to the extended version, Future Hearts has been a long time coming. If you listen to each All Time Low album individually you can really hear the difference between albums. Future Hearts is probably most different from the rest of the previous albums.
The first single from Future Hearts was Something’s Gotta Give, which admittedly does feel quite similar to previous songs, it’s a bit of an anthem, and from experience I can tell you it translates fantastically live. However, when you listen to some of the other songs, you can tell there are some other influences coming in that haven’t really been there before now. Take Missing You for a start, in an interview with Kerrang! Magazine, Alex admitted that they’ve put an All Time Low spin on folk, inspired to a degree by Rian’s girlfriend, Cassadee Pope. Missing You reminds me of when Panic! At The Disco brought out Pretty Odd, in more ways than one – I wasn’t a fan of Pretty Odd at first, but it grew on me, and to be honest I have a feeling that’s what will happen with this song.
Another one is The Edge Of Tonight, which is a bit darker, and various parts of this song sound like they could have been influenced by PVRIS, with whom All Time Low share a friend in photographer Adam Elmakias.
The band also have a couple of high-profile collaborations this time around, with Mark Hoppus featuring on Tidal Waves which is a slow, powerful ballad, and Joel Madden on Bail Me Out which is a song about partying a bit too hard and needing a helping hand.
I often struggle to pick favourite songs by my favourite bands, and tend to pick one song from each album instead, but then, with Future Hearts, I’ve even struggled narrowing it down to just one. So I have two favourites: Kicking & Screaming and Cinderblock Garden. Kicking & Screaming is a really fun song which I can picture the guys really enjoying playing live- it’s like one of the songs they play at the start of the show, with the high energy getting everyone going before they slow it down. Cinderblock Garden is a little bit Somewhere In Neverland in that it makes me feel like there’s a bit of a fairytale theme going on. I can’t really explain that one since there isn’t any outward mention of fantasy in the song, it’s just what’s going on in my mind.
I may be biased but I truly think this is a fantastic album overall, and I can’t wait for the sunny weather to reappear so I can drive around and blare these songs out of my car stereo.
This album gets a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 from me.


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