Four For Friday

Four For Friday #7

Four… things I’ve been up to recently (instead of blogging. oooops.)

1) Seeing All Time Low at Wembley
On March 20th I saw one of my favourite bands headline Wembley Arena. Whilst I personally don’t understand the hype surrounding Wembley since it is a much smaller capacity than, say, the Manchester Arena, (Manchester represent, home pride and all that) I’m insanely proud of this little band from Baltimore. I’ve been a fan since 2009 and whilst I consider Fall Out Boy to be my absolute favourite band, they were already pretty famous when I really got into them. I kind of feel like I’ve grown up with All Time Low in a way, having seen them at Manchester Academy 2 – and, of course, the venue upgrades to Academy 1. I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I sobbed during Therapy at Wembley, but not because of the content of the song, because of Alex Gaskarth’s little speech beforehand about how they’ve been a band for 10 years and they’re so honoured to be playing huge arenas and I got overwhelmed with emotion. Judge me.

2) Going to the cinema
I finally got to see Big Hero 6, which I had been wanting to see before the Oscars. I was really impressed with Feast, the short shown beforehand, but I wasn’t prepared and nearly cried at it. I managed to hold it together, only to weep at about three different things later in that film. Dammit, Disney/Marvel. I also bought the DVD from Amazon USA because I loved the film so much. I have a deep emotional connection to Baymax, especially when he’s ‘drunk.’
I also saw The Voices. Let me talk to you about this film for a second, because all is not as it seems. So Louise and I saw the trailer and both thought ah, this looks like a really good film! It’s got Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick in, both of whom I absolutely love, so it must be some kind of cute, quirky romantic comedy! NOPE. It was just an all-round creepy movie. We left the cinema feeling a bit betrayed and we weren’t really sure what to say to each other about it. Everyone else in the showing seemed to have felt a little weird about that film too. I can only hope when Ryan Reynolds kills people in Deadpool there’s at least some comic reprieve. Come on Wade, don’t let me down.
3) Taking selfies. Lots of selfies.

I really like taking selfies, I can’t help it. If I feel like I’m really liking how I look I’ll take a few photos of myself. I don’t see anything wrong with taking selfies and I think people who judge people for taking selfies are worse than the people taking the selfies in the first place. Just the other day there was something about my fellow ginger Prince Harry slamming selfies when he did some kind of appearance in Australia, and I think it’s a bad message to send, I think it’s great when people have the confidence and enjoy how they look enough to take selfies! Just don’t harsh people’s selfie vibe okay. Selfies doesn’t look like a word anymore.

4) Listening to…
If you guessed ‘All Time Low,’ well, you’re only part right. Sure, I’ve been listening to Future Hearts a lot, I even did a review of it in case you missed it. But I’ve mainly been listening to one of my Spotify playlists, handily entitled ‘Pop Punk AF ✌️‘. I would definitely say pop punk is my favourite genre of music, ever since I started listening to Blink-182 at a pretty young age. Some of the things on my playlist might not strictly be pop punk as such but I reckon they belong on there. Check it out below!



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