Thoughts on Tattoos and Piercings

As someone who wants to go into quite a professional career, I have to be really careful when it comes to thinking about whether or not I want tattoos or piercings. I only got my lobes pierced when I was 13- obviously I wasn’t thinking about my future or anything then, but that was my mum enforcing the concept of having a proper think about these things.
When I went to university I got a scaffold bar, or an industrial bar, which looks like this:

It was something I had been wanting since around the time I got my lobes pierced, so a good 7 years, and even though the bar was actually too long for my narrow little ear I really loved it. I followed the advice and left it in for over a year, and the one night I took it out overnight to sleep comfortably it healed up and I couldn’t get it back in the next morning. Since then I’ve had my lobes pierced again and I’ve also been thinking about getting my scaffold repierced, or at least the back half, but when I spoke to a piercer about it she said that it would probably be better to just get a helix piercing (one of these):
All of these, however, are on the ears. I can’t say I’m particularly bothered by getting anywhere else pierced, although I’ll admit that I have spent periods of time wondering how I would look with a nose stud, and more recently a nose ring…
(I’ve just accidentally made myself want a nose ring.)
I think piercings on the face are a bit iffy though, especially if you’re going into quite an official career, and given that I’ll technically be representing my country, even though it shouldn’t matter, you know it would. Even if you take it out, people will see the little hole in your nostril and make all kinds of assumptions about you, even if you really impress them, in the back of their mind ‘but you’ve got facial piercings’ will always bother them. The same goes for visible tattoos. At least with piercings you can always take them out, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having them done. Tattoos are harder to hide- and the difference between them and piercings is that plenty of companies actually have official rules about visible tattoos, such as various airlines, and Disney. I don’t agree at all, I think that, in the 21st century, it’s unrealistic to dictate to people what to do with their own bodies. Unfortunately for now I’ll have to stick to the rules but here’s hoping people relax to tattoos and piercings in the years to come! I’ll probably still get my helix pierced eventually, I’m building up to it- but as for the nose ring, I might leave that for now…
What do you reckon? Do you have any tattoos/piercings, and have they held you back in your career at all? Let me know!

One thought on “Thoughts on Tattoos and Piercings

  1. I have/had snakebites (lip pierced on both sides, one done at 13, other done at 15) not worn them in years cos I'm over it but people at work did used to occasionally notice the holes in my face! I think they've healed up now (not bothered) so they're not as noticable. They sure used to notice when I'd stick stuff through em ;D at my place they're not bothered if you've got tattoos cos we're in the office, but even the lads on site can be covered and it's fine. As long as you're good at you're job that's all that matters at ours. but I totally get why in some jobs its frowned upon, which is a shame really!
    x GNAR MOSH x


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