My Little Box

My Little Dream Box – April

I’m beginning to find myself refreshing my emails for the little notice heralding the arrival of my Little Box, it’s fast becoming one of my favourite parts of the month.

Along with the usual My Little World magazine, this month brought a couple of cloud-shaped goodies to match the dream theme. The first one is a little cardboard cut-out with a very famous Walt Disney quote on it. On the back, it encourages subscribers to use My Little Dream Box, a website to record your goals in an email which gets sent to you in a year’s time. Given my pathetic excuse for an attention span, this would probably just give me a chuckle in a year’s time when I realise I went completely off-course. That said, I can imagine feeling amazing if I actually imagined to achieve them! Maybe I’ll give it a go.


The second cloud item was a padded packet, with a “surprise inside.” I spent a while thinking about what it could be given the theme and came up with a sleep mask, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was actually a tiny necklace, designed by Delphine Pariente (£20 from It says “bonne étoile” on it, which translates from French to “lucky star.” With it came a little code for 20% off Delphine Pariente’s e-store!
The other goody inside was a rotating stamp with 12 messages on it, so I’m probably going to be going around and stamping all my friends and things with the 5 stars and “WOW!” I’m not even sorry (£8 from
Now for the three items in the beauty pouch:
1) Repairing Mask For Dry Ends by My Little Beauty, £7 for 100ml. This mask contains walnut oil and Shea butter, both of which I know are meant to be very effective for hydration. My hair is getting to that scruffy point where I really need a haircut, so this will keep me going until I have the time (and desire- I’m not scared of the hairdressers, I just want my hair to be long!) to actually go. The only downside is it seems a little time consuming to use and I don’t tend to sit around with face masks or hair masks- again I just don’t have the attention span for it! I’d probably end up forgetting I had it on.
2) Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion by Cowshed, £18 for 100ml. When I think of hydration, I personally don’t really tend to think of cows. Maybe that’s just me. But when you look at the ingredients for this lotion you start to understand that the link goes: cows – fields – nature – natural ingredients. Lemongrass essential oil, ginger, and Shea butter to be specific. That said, I’m not a fan of lemongrass or ginger, the smells just don’t appeal to me at all. Maybe my mum will like this one.
3) Lip Balm Loved by Lou Lesage, £8 for 4g. This lip balm caught my eye straight away, it’s a deep rouge colour, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m starting to try out red shades on my lips since pale redheads are supposed to pull them off fantastically. I tried it on and I was a bit disappointed to see that it only added a very light tint at best. On the plus side my lips instantly felt really hydrated and moisturised, so it’s definitely good for a daily lip balm with a tint of colour! Excuse my tired face, I had been up since 6am that morning!



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