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Apple Watch review!

I have a new toy!
I got up pretty early on April 10th and preordered this thing. I managed to keep quiet about it (for the most part) and on April 24th around 11:30am it finally arrived! I spent so much time on forums in the two weeks beforehand with a few people who were a bit concerned about statuses changing and cards being charged and ‘will it get here in time?! Why does it say delivery 24/04 – 08/05?!’ It was a pretty stressful fortnight but we all got there in the end and I have the watch to show for it.
I’ve had just over a week to play around with it now and I think it’s pretty awesome. There’s a few little annoying niggles, such as how it sometimes thinks I’ve been sitting down for nearly an hour so it tells me to stand up, even if I’ve been standing up the whole time, and also the fact that it runs on Bluetooth which has been annihilating my phone’s battery! Other than that I’m really enjoying it. I’m actually liking the Stand Up thing, I’m quite a lazy person (yes, I can admit it and that’s half of the work done, right?!) and being told to stand up to complete the rings is really encouraging! It’s the small things. On Wednesday I managed to complete my ‘Move’ goal (one and a half times over!) and my ‘Stand’ goal (stand for at least one minute of every hour, for 12 hours). I had to take a little screen shot. The green ring is a measure of vigorous activity. I actually reckon I did more than that, but maybe my definition of vigorous is different to theirs..!
If you’ve been debating whether or not to get an Apple Watch, I’d definitely recommend them to anyone. I’ve never been a fan of watches but I do love mine. It has quite a range of practical applications as well as fun things like getting your notifications through on your wrist. One thing I will say is that I don’t think it’s necessary to shell out for the Watch or Watch Edition over the Watch Sport, which I have. They all do the same thing but the metal case is made of different materials for each. Mine is aluminium, the Watch is stainless steel and the Edition is gold… By all means if you want to upgrade then go for it, but if you’re wondering whether there’s a difference- there isn’t!



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