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Stephanie Style: The Return of the Outfit

Even though this blog has only been around for a little while, it’s been a few months since my last outfit post, and that was a decidedly wintery post. That said, this one is not drastically different from the other one. I digress. These are all things I actually own, I treated myself a little bit after payday to a new pair of boots and a new top. The bag shown here isn’t the one I actually own but it’s very veeeeeeery similar! This was an outfit I was planning on wearing for a night out but I was far too tired to actually go on. Oops. It’s been a very long few weeks at work, in my defence! I do think this is casual enough to get away with wearing it for a normal day-to-day outfit though, see, I was planning on going to Satan’s Hollow in Manchester which is a rock club, the kind of place where you actually end up looking a little out of place in a floaty, going-out dress.

1) Black quilted PU bomber jacket, £55 from Next
2) MOTO black Leigh jeans, £38 from Topshop
3) Black tartan print quilted cuff lace up ankle boots, £29.99 from New Look
4) Stone rose quilted chain shoulder bag, £12.99 from New Look
5) Black tribal print scoop neck vest, £7.99 from New Look

Black jeans and a black leather jacket are obviously classics regardless of the season or weather. And I know it’s a bit ‘all black everything’ but I think putting them together looks fine, not excessive at all! I even put them with these new black boots that I got- my other pair are a lot more wintery because they’re lined with sheepskin or something, and I like the look with the boots so I thought I’d get a more multi-seasonal pair. I love the way tops like this tribal print one hang, they’re floaty enough to be comfy but still clingy enough not to look like maternity wear. It’s hard to describe but if you saw it on you’d be like “ohhhhhh!” It also injects a bit of colour into the look, where normally with bold patterns you have to be quite careful not to clash, I think if you wear it as a break from black, it really accentuates it in a fantastic way. As for the bag, mine is a little on the small side but everything fit in fine and that included emergency face powder and brush, and a portable charger. The only problem I have is how the chain really hurts when it catches my hair. Does anyone have any solutions to that? I’d really like to hear any suggestions because I do like the bag, I just rarely use it because it hurts.

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