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Seventeen Brow Sculpting Pencil

I finished the last of my Lancôme eyebrow pencil, and decided it was time for a new brand. Yeah, it was good and all, but I really didn’t like the sharp plastic lining which actually used to scratch my skin. It hurt, and it got stuck in my sharpener, and I really can’t cope with that! I was actually looking for L’Oreal Brow Artiste when I nipped into Boots, but a) they were about to close (in about 15 minutes, but they were acting like it was 2 minutes!) and b) I couldn’t find it anyway. I looked around and all I could really see were those pallets that look a little like eyeshadow, and I have no idea how to use those! Luckily I spotted this, Brow sculpting pencil by Seventeen. It only comes in the one colour, a light brown, but I figured I could just use it with a very light hand…

Seventeen Brow Sculpting Pencil, £2.89 from Boots.
I haven’t really tried out the brush because I really like the brush on the end of the Lancôme one, so I’ve just been using that, as it’s a bit more wiry than bristly. I do feel like it’s quite a natural looking colour and since ginger is such an awkward hair colour to match up to, blonde pencils need to go on a bit heavier so it’s nice being able to lightly brush this on.


If anything I kind of feel like this one is closer to my hair colour than the Lancôme one to be honest! I’m quite surprised, because given how I actually do have naturally blonde eyebrow hairs and eyelashes. I’d have thought blonde would’ve been better suited, but maybe I’ll think about trying more brown ones from now on!

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