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Four For Friday #9

Four… facts about me
1) I can do this weird thing with my fingers

So there’s this weird bendy thing I can do with my fingers, I’ve been able to do it for as long as I can remember. I actually remember it becoming a bit of a problem when I was playing piano, because my fingers would lock like this and I hit the keys weirdly, and have to physically bend them with my other hand. It was also a problem trying to play the guitar, and it means when I type, I don’t straighten my fingers, but keep them kind of claw-like and move my whole wrist instead of just reaching my fingers up.
2) I am not good at lipstick
I am a pretty careless person. Not in a bad way, but obviously we all know I’m highly distractable and I can plan to do one thing and wind up doing five other things, but not that original thing I set out to do. Let’s not forget I started this blog because I was procrastinating doing an application form..! This means that I’ll end up forgetting I have lipstick on and wipe it off, smudge it across my face, accidentally leave a lipstick print on a surface I’ve pressed my face onto (happens a lot more than you might think.) Because of this I tend to wear lip balms instead, and even that I can fail at.
3) I actually miss writing essays
Having studied psychology at university, every single module had an essay element to it. Even the practical lessons always came back to ‘do a write-up of your findings.’ I loved doing studies, thinking up something to investigate, reasoning why you wanted to find more out about it, talking about how you were going to do it, then actually doing it, writing up what you found, studying your results using statistical software to see if it’s significant or not, then writing about what it means and doing research to find related articles to back up everything you just did. I am actually half tempted to do my own independent studies now, just for fun. I have even considered going back to university! Not just for the essays, I must stress, but for other well-thought-out reasons too.
4) You’ve heard of lactose intolerance. Well I have a citrus intolerance

Intolerances are weird things, what it means is that of all the bacteria in your system, you don’t have the ones that break down some acids to allow you to process them. That means that if you eat/drink these things, you run the risk of getting really sick, and it’s not pretty. This next sentence comes with a TMI warning: my mum has told me before that when I eat something citrus, I smell like I’m rotting. Which makes sense, because that’s what acid does to you if your insides can’t neutralise it! So that means, for me, anything relating to oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruit are strictly off the table. Also, a mythbuster for you here, pineapple is not a citrus fruit. I always get asked if I can eat pineapple. The answer is yes because it isn’t citrus!



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