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Blogging Apps

In a world where everything is becoming more increasingly mobile-based, if you don’t have an app, you’re probably going to have a waning popularity.

Blogging is no exception! There are so many apps out there, but I want to tell you about the five I use most. I should tell you, I only use iOS, so I don’t know if these are available on any other operating systems’ app stores. Hopefully they are though, as they’re all really useful!

1) Blogger This is a pretty obvious one, the best way to jot down some ideas or start on a blog post when you’re out and about has to be the designated app for whichever site hosts your blog! It’s pretty basic, but it’s perfect for typing things up to go and rearrange photos and things on the website later when you have the chance.
2) Bloglovin’ The Bloglovin’ app, I think, is actually easier to use than the website! It loads up people’s posts straight within the app without needing to take you to Safari, and I really like the photo viewer too. (Also, bit of shameless self-promo whilst we’re at it, follow me on Bloglovin’! I’ll follow everyone back!)
3) Moldiv Moldiv is perfect for editing a number of photos together, I edited the photo above, of all the app screen shots, using it actually! There are so many different ways you can edit things together, you can round off the edges of the photos too, and you can even choose different backgrounds for the frames.
4) Rookie I’ve only recently found Rookie but I love the text editor on it. There are so many different typefaces and It’s very easy to use. I used Rookie to edit the Blog Every Day In May picture!
5) Picfx Picfx is probably my favourite photo editor, I’ve been using it for ages now. There are loads of different filters to use, and a few other effects you can throw on, such as Scratches, a Grainy filter or Sepia. My favourite has to be the Bokeh Light effects, I really have to force myself not to add them onto every photo I take ever.

What are your favourite apps? Do you swear by any of these five? Let me know!


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