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May Wishlist

1) You Know Nothing Jon Snow T-Shirt, £6 from Primark
2) Blue Mirrored Pilot Sunglasses, £5.99 from New Look
3) White Musk Libertine Eau De Parfum, £14 for 30ml or £20 for 60ml from The Body Shop
4) Ones and Zeros CD by Young Guns, £13.99 from Amazon
5) Orange Check Short Sleeve Shirt, £24 from Next
6) Into The Woods Blu-Ray, £15 from Amazon

It’s heading into summer now and I really feel like everything’s in need of a bit of a refresh along with that, not least my wardrobe. T-shirts are obviously a really big summer wardrobe essential. I love Game Of Thrones, and I have actually already got a few GOT t-shirts, but since Jon Snow is obviously the best character, I am going to go ahead and say I need this one, too. The other t-shirt on here, the orange check shirt from Next, is really casual and so soft, I’d team it with a pair of shorts and some pump style trainers, perfect for when it gets warmer!
I have absolutely loads of sunglasses but I never feel like I can have enough. I love aviator-style sunglasses, and if I could afford a pair of Ray-Bans I’d be all over them, but this wishlist is more of a reasonable ‘I could actually get this’ wishlist. Maybe I’ll do an ‘I want this but could never afford it’ wishlist another time. So these sunglasses from New Look seem sturdy enough, I’m not a fan of flimsy sunglasses that wobble off your face and feel like they could completely come off whenever the wind blows. My last pair of aviators were like that and there’s a scratch on the lens which is right in my eye line, so it’s definitely time for a refresh of those.
The Body Shop’s perfumes are always so nice, I have their Love, Etc perfume but it’s sadly been discontinued! I had a smell of the White Musk Libertine when Laura and I went to Cheshire Oaks, and it smells so light and fresh! Laura actually preferred the White Musk Smoky Rose which is a little bit like it’s darker alter-ego. Both of them smelt fantastic though!
I’ve been really looking forward to Young Guns’ new album for a while now, but even more so since I saw them at Leeds Festival last year. They played a couple of new songs, one of which was called Memento Mori, and that song is going to be on this album. They’ve been slowly releasing the songs in the run up to the release (which is actually June 8th but it totally belongs on the May wishlist) and I’m really liking what they’ve put out so far. Take a listen to the first song from the album, I Want Out! Lastly the movie version of Into The Woods comes out this Friday, May 18th. I went to see it with my friend Jess back in January and it’s already coming out on DVD! I’m still in awe of how quickly films are coming out on home entertainment formats, given how it used to take up to a year not so long ago. I definitely want to get Into The Woods on Blu-Ray because it was a good film, even though it felt a bit longer than it needed to be when we watched it, but then, that was probably because we had been to see Mockingjay Part 1 before that too…


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