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Today’s Nails #2

No fancy nail art this time around! I got this Barry M Silk nail polish a while ago now actually, but I haven’t tried it until now. The colour is 441 Poppy – although I reckon it’s not quite the same colour as a poppy. It’s a lovely colour though, don’t get me wrong!
I only needed to apply one coat of the colour to get such a fantastically vibrant look. The only problem I came across was the fact that it dried matte. I don’t like matte nail varnishes, but I always use a clear top coat and then the Sally Hansen instal-dry top coat on top of that, which adds a really shiny look that makes it look like a real manicure. So I wasn’t too bothered about how matte it was!
I have only just applied the colour (I’m sure you can tell by the bits of nail polish on my fingers in the photo, ooops. It’s usually a lot worse than that, to be fair, it’s quite tidy for me!) so I can’t comment on how long-wearing it is yet, but with experience Barry M usually does last at least a full week, and the top coats definitely help to lengthen the lifespan a little bit.
I really want to try the new Sunset range from Barry M so maybe that’ll be next week’s post!




8 thoughts on “Today’s Nails #2

  1. I love this colour. It's Ok there isn't any nail art – Looks just right.
    I know I don't have time to do nail art but this colour is perfect plain.
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x


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