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Four For Friday #10

Four… of my favourite things
1) Travelling and learning languages
This one is a bit of a given, and I feel like it’s one everyone would say. But for me, I was kind of born with travelling in my bones. Because of my dad’s job, my family lived abroad before I came along, and then for most of my childhood as well. I mean, I left the country for the first time at six weeks old… I moved to Germany when I was four, so in a way I was learning German whilst I was learning English so it’s really like a second language. And because of that, I find it a lot easier to pick up new languages in general, for instance I learned French and Spanish at school, and I’ve been independently learning Italian and I have tried to teach myself both Cantonese and Korean. I honestly would learn every language if I could! The career I’m hoping to get into is heavily based in both of these so I’m incredibly excited for the future. On a similar note, I have what I like to call a chameleon accent. Having attended international schools I found myself talking with an American accent growing up, and I feel like it’s only gotten more sensitive as I get older. I pick up Scouse twangs after spending any amount of time with a Scouser, and I’ve recently been watching Made In Chelsea and found myself saying things like “yah,” they way they do! So when I talk to you my accent totally unintentionally becomes your own accent.
2) Observing and learning about cultures
This really ties in with the previous point about travel quite heavily. As I mentioned I went to international schools, which meant I was exposed to a large number of different cultures. I couldn’t count all of the different types of people I’ve had the privilege of meeting throughout my life, but interacting with them both in and out of school gave me a real appreciation for people’s differences. As a consequence of this phenomenon, I feel, I was never bullied at an international school. I would even go so far as to say that when we eventually moved back to England I suffered a degree of culture shock. But now, when I meet people on a day to day basis, I know bits and pieces from such a large number of cultures, and I can interact and connect with them. It’s very similar to how people are much more patient with you when you’re on holiday if you make the attempt to speak their language!
3) Movies and the cinema
I’ve written quite a few times now about going to the cinema and getting new DVDs. I absolutely love immersing myself in a good movie (or a not-so-good movie!) and talking about it afterwards with whoever I watched it with, or with other people who have seen it too. In fact, as this is being published, I’m totally on my way to the cinema to see Pitch Perfect 2. I’m really excited already and I’m writing this a full 24 hours in advance!
4) Cars and Driving
Both of my parents are complete petrolheads, and they’re really good drivers as well. I’m so glad I inherited their passion for driving – and their skill. My mum and I often squabble about who gets to drive whenever we go anywhere, even if it’s just to Tesco, “no, it’s absolutely my turn to drive!” We do have our own cars so sometimes we threaten to leave the other behind to follow in their car, before eventually giving in. Although, I’m a hell of a lot more stubborn than anyone else I know, and I usually get my way. I’m not smugly grinning at all.

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