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Things From The Week #2

Pitch Perfect 2
















On Friday I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with Louise. We saw the first one when it came out having won free tickets from Sky Movies, when they used to do free cinema tickets. I absolutely loved it straight away, Lou took some convincing but eventually learned to embrace the cheese. The sequel was great, and not to post any spoilers but I absolutely flipped out when one of the songs came on! I even got given a free Avengers cup – I think they were trying to get rid of the extra ones they had because I saw quite a few people with them. I loved the movie, I even really want to go and see it again.

Nando’s with Jess
















Jess went on a last minute trip to New York last week and I spent the week sending her links to songs on Youtube relating to missing her. So the day she got back we made plans to go out for lunch the next day. We went to Nandos, of course, and it was great. I had hot instead of medium for a change and it was nice but I think I’ll be sticking with medium in future. I get 5 wings with peri peri chips and garlic bread, a drink and a pot of perinaise whenever I go. Yum!

Sweet treats
















Jess brought me back some Hershey’s from New York which I haven’t broken into yet – I’m quite proud of myself because it’s white chocolate, which is my favourite! I’m looking at it right now, in fact, and I think I need to either hide it or finally open it up and have some. I’ve also been munching on these white chocolate honeycomb chunks, which I found in a shop nearby called The Range. I’ve already gone through 3 packs this week. I have no self control.

Music: Broadside

I was reading fourthreefive last Sunday and they had a piece about Broadside. Since they’re a pop punk band, my interest was immediately piqued, and I had a listen to their song, Coffee Talk. I had a feeling I’d heard it before and I still haven’t quite put my finger on where. So I’ve been listening to them a lot this week, and they’ve got a brand new album out! Have a listen!



14 thoughts on “Things From The Week #2

  1. Great and busy week you've had! I can't remember the last time I've been to cinema but probably I should! But I've been to Nandos this week and had a peri peri chicken, with rice as I'm trying to stay fit for the summer, haha…it's hard job!


  2. This week is literally perfect!! So so excited to watch pitch perfect 2 – think I am going next week! White chocolate honeycomb chunks and that white chocolate bar look so great why don't we have stuff like that over here? Hahaa missing out we are!!!

    Laura (


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