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Today’s Nails #3

Hey everyone! Due to me having something really exciting planned for Sunday’s post, I’m moving a few things around this week. Instead of Thursday, I’m posting Today’s Nails today, My Favourite Albums will be on Thursday instead, Four For Friday will still be on Friday and Things From The Week will be on Saturday. But keep your eyes peeled for Sunday! I’m really excited for it!


I mentioned last week about the Barry M Sunlight range, and I actually went straight on to the Superdrug website afterwards (they have a buy one, get one half price offer on this range!) and ordered some. The ones I bought were called Peach For The Stars, I’ve Been Pinkin’, and The Way You Make Me Teal, as well as the top coat. I’ve Been Pinkin’ is a lot more vibrant than I was expecting so I decided to try out Peach For The Stars instead, which is actually also very neon itself.
The bottles have directions on them- use two layers of colour and then one layer of the Sunlight top coat, no other top coat will work, and the Sunlight top coat won’t work with any other colours. Seems a bit strict if you ask me!
I applied it on Monday night and two days later I’m still not too sure what’s meant by ‘daylight curing’ because the colour doesn’t seem to have changed? Unless what it means is that it seals the paint somehow, like the UV light with a gel manicure.
I do like the colour and the top coat makes it very shiny, but I’m not too sure I can see much of a difference between these and the Gelly nail polishes.


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