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Four For Friday #11

Four… Places I want to visit

1) Dubai

As a pale, ginger person, it may surprise you somewhat that I’d absolutely love to visit Dubai. Really, I’m truly fascinated by the architecture and the culture and background of the city. I’d also love to see the palms from the aeroplane!

2) Disney World Florida
I always wanted to go to Disney World as a child but given that nobody in my family liked roller coaster rides my parents decided it was probably a better idea not to go. Which I know now is fair enough, but has meant that I’m a 23 year old child who still wants to go to Disney World! Especially now with the addition of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter not too far away. I also have a friend who lives in Miami who I haven’t seen in years and it’d be fantastic to meet up with again!

3) Tokyo
The part of me that really connects with my Asian heritage really wants to get out and explore the whole of Asia and Tokyo is really high up on that list. I really love sushi and the way Tokyo is portrayed with the bright neon signs and cute alleyways.

4) New York
I’ve wanted to visit New York for longer than I can remember now, it’s so rich with things to do and see and it’s clearly a very photogenic city. My friend Jess is off to New York soon to finish off her degree and she’s instructed me to start saving now so I can come and visit her at some point in the year, so I’m probably going to have to take her up on that offer. I think I have a few other friends dotted around that area too who I’d love to meet up with!


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