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Eurovision 2015

I love Eurovision, it’s one of those things that’s always been something my family watch. And this year it’s in Vienna and that’s made me even more excited for it! I wish I could have gone back to Vienna for it but I’m happy enough watching from the sofa.
We always watch it on the red button, with the lyrics and any translations at the bottom of the screen. I decided I’d do a little three word review of each act. I should preface this post by saying that I haven’t watched or listened to anything Eurovision related in advance of this- it’s all new!
1) Slovenia Interpretive Violin Dance
2) France Killing the mood 😦
3) Israel Timberlake/Sheeran lovechild
4) Estonia “Smiled to (the) dog”
5) United Kingdom Gatsby, but neon
6) Armenia Don’t deny what???
7) Lithuania Avicii, that you?
8) Serbia This will win.
9) Norway What’d he do?!
10) Sweden My personal favourite!
11) Cyprus One Direction copycat
12) Australia Australian Olly Murs!
13) Belgium That Lorde choreography.
14) Austria PIANO. ON. FIRE.
15) Greece Man, how boring.
16) Montenegro Adio? Bye now.
17) Germany Germany’s so soulful.
18) Poland Theme is bridges.
19) Latvia Electro power ballad!
20) Romania All over again!
21) Spain Why so serious? :/
22) Hungary Social justice warrior.
23) Georgia Uh, Katniss Jenner?
24) Azerbaijan No, please sleep 😦
25) Russia Is this Glee?
26) Albania Argh, my ears…

27) Italy Absolutely amazing, Italy!!!

I’m really glad that Sweden won because as you can see their performance was my personal favourite, but I have to admit that I’m really upset by the fact that neither Germany nor Austria got any points, at all, whatsoever… That’s going to take some time to stop being sad about. But I am already excited for next year – the show from Malmö the other year was amazing and I loved the little caterpillar/butterfly mascot, Sweden do know how to do Eurovision! Check out the winning song below!


Which was your favourite?

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