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The Netflix Tag

I was tagged to do this by Laura at MyLifeAsAMummy – thanks Laura! I’m not actually much of a Netflix person generally but when I get into something on Netflix, I really get into it, like an all-consuming vortex. I always struggle to put the iPad down before watching the next episode. This has led to many very late nights (or should I say early mornings?!) and real problems staying awake the next day. But then again I always have a few months to catch up on sleep before getting consumed by the next show!

All Time Favourite 
I’m probably going to go ahead and say Community, but to be honest that’s just because I love Community and I watched it before I had Netflix, but since it’s on there, it totally counts.

Current Addiction 
I’ve mentioned it a couple of times now, but yeah, I’m getting pretty addicted to Made In Chelsea. I had tried watching it on Channel 4’s All4 catch up service but their adverts last as long as the normal adverts on TV and if your app crashes, it doesn’t always remember where you last were. And then there’s Netflix, which actively encourages your addiction, prompting you to keep watching unless you tell them not to play the next episode within the next 10 seconds…

I have to be honest and say I don’t really have much of a wish list because I have Sky Go and Amazon Prime Instant so between all of these platforms I can find pretty much anything I want to watch, whoops!

Pet Peeve
The featured thing on top when it starts playing something with sound! It gives me a start every time and after that it’s so annoying.

Marathon Essentials 
My iPad definitely- Netflix doesn’t quite feel the same on the TV or laptop, but on the iPad you can curl into almost any position and keep watching. Also the iPad charger. :p

What’s on Your Watch List?
I really need to keep going with Gossip Girl, I got really into it but I haven’t watched any episodes in months now! I love Marvel but I’ve watched two episodes of Daredevil and I’m finding it hard to get into, which is a shame but I’m going to keep trying. Suits has also been recommended to me and that’s on there so maybe I’ll try watching that, too.

You Should Watch… 
Community and Parks And Recreation, they’re both hilariously brilliant US comedies and I think more people should fully appreciate Troy & Abed and Leslie Knope.

I now tag:
Laura at Loulabeth
Jade at Unicornsfury
Jane at Poptarts Beauty

And anyone else who wants to take part!


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