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Five Year Plans

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Even if we don’t mean to I feel like we all manage to make some kind of internalised five year plan. I realised that I’d accidentally managed to make one for myself at the start of my final year at university, when I was 20, and as it turns out I’m not really sticking to it very well.
I wanted to be on my way to my career already by this point, aged 23, but to be fair my ultimate thing was to be on that track by age 25. I’m beginning to think I should give myself up to the day before my 26th birthday…
I had also planned to graduate which I managed to do! I got a 2:2 overall which is a little disappointing because I was hoping for a 2:1 but I just missed out on that sadly. I’ve always intended to go to university, I ended up studying psychology which in hindsight may not have been the best discipline but that’s done now.
I’d aimed to get a job which I did, although I was hoping for a graduate job, whereas I’m currently part time on minimum wage. I’m still applying for graduate jobs though, and I’ve taken a couple of opportunities at work to strengthen my future applications. Hopefully somewhere will take me eventually.
I’m about 7/10ths of the way through the five years so I guess I’m doing okay. I’ll keep working towards it though but maybe I’ll have to rearrange a few things. That said I’m sure I’ll find myself making a new one come age 25!
Do you have a 5-year plan? How’s that going?


10 thoughts on “Five Year Plans

  1. Stephanie so many graduates (myself included) are feeling what you are. Don't worry. You are not alone. You just have to keep trying hard and don't let it beat you and you'll get there!


  2. It's so hard having a 5 year plan these days, I come to the end of my PhD and academic career this September, I have an idea of what I want but I've chosen not to plan too much ahead. Not only is the disappointment of not reaching goals a bit too much to deal with and always plunges me into negativity, I've found the choices I've made through my life so far were never really what I intended to do in the first place. So try and take the pressure off and maybe have a look at other ways to get into the career you want 🙂 As my dad has always said to me 'Don't live your life looking backwards – you can only change tomorrow!' x


  3. I have to agree, it is hard! I think like I say it's a bit of a continually changing thing. Like you can see any setback during the 5 years and account for them, if you know what I mean? But then as long as you're happy with your choices, that matters more than them sticking with any plans! And annoyingly there's only one way into my chosen career, argh! Your dad sounds wise! x


  4. Steph I don't even have a 1 year plan at present but I'm glad I read this as its given me a kick up the butt to at least plan the next few years of my life.
    I agree with nora – Don't worry about it too much you are still very young lovely and you'll figure it out
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x


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