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Today’s Nails #4


This week’s nails post is kind of a part two, continuation from last week’s. Last time I tried out the new Barry M Daylight Curing nail polish in Peach For The Stars, and this week I’m trying out The Way You Make Me Teal.
I love teal, as well as turquoise- I’ve read that bluey green clothes are meant to look incredibly flattering on those of the ginger persuasion like myself. So when I was deciding on which colours to buy, teal went straight in my basket.
The colour is actually really difficult to capture in photograph, although I’ve read other bloggers mention that before too! It’s definitely looking a little dull in the picture above and I tried to take it from a few different angles, lighting conditions and even backgrounds. Also excuse the mess – no matter how hard I try I invariably end up painting my fingers, too.
The Daylight Curing range is meant to be very similar to having gel nails done professionally with a UV light, but I have to say that I found that peach was still very chip prone, maybe even more so than normal nail polish with my Sally Hansen topcoat. I also found it really difficult to take off my nails completely so this time I’ve used the Barry M top and base coat even though the instructions say you don’t need a base coat. I’ll let you all know how this worked out at some point!
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4 thoughts on “Today’s Nails #4

  1. Wonderful colour. Very me.
    If it's any consolation I paint my fingers too.
    Love Barry M, love that it doesn't chip much, so afraid I'd be a little dubious of a replacement that could end up being a total pain in the behind. But still loving the colour all the same.


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