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Four For Friday #12

Four… Things that happen when you work in retail (specifically, a clothing store)

1) “She’s wearing a dress from my shop.”
Oh my, does this one come out in full force. I find myself doing it constantly! Especially when I’m watching TV. That news presenter, this character… But even out in public – when my work friends and I are out together it’s always a kick under the table and a nod in the direction of the person. And then the understanding nod, of course.

2) Tidying clothes when you’re not actually working
Personally I find that I have this problem most when I’m back in the shop after a shift, or when I’m in another branch my family have dragged me to on a day off. I’ll absentmindedly start straightening up things, putting the clothes in size order and so on. The other day I was shopping with my uncles, helping them find suits, and an assistant spotted me putting back a pair of trousers and he did a knowing nod, as if he realised I must be an off-duty employee.

3) “I need this thing.” “Oh! We sell those, you know!”
Okay so I can admit this is really quite annoying, when someone’s saying something like ‘I’m looking for like a simple blue dress,’ and you go I KNOW… But it’s difficult not to! And it’s not even a case of you trying to generate customers and profit for the store, but it’s more likely because you spend so much time there, your product knowledge is better than your knowledge of the alphabet.

4) “I hate this song, it’s on the work playlist.”
Every time! Every single time I hear a song from the work playlist, I’ll roll my eyes and shake my head. When my friends and I are out and we hear a song from work, we tend to point it out. The worst one is the hold music for head office. They have this one song that just plays on a loop, but that song just so happens to be on the playlist too! Aargh! Actually, they recently changed their choice of song, updating it a bit, I suppose. But I’m sure I’ll grow to hate that one in time, too.

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