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Things From The Month #1

It’s been quite a long month, there’s been a lot going on! Definitely time to take a look back at some moments from the month.
Family Gatherings
Some of my family have come over to visit us in England so we’ve all been hanging out this past week. Lots of shopping has taken place and as you’re reading this, I’m probably out shopping with them again. On Saturday I got home from work, got changed and rushed straight off to my grandma’s house with my mum. Everyone had cooked a different dish and it was interesting having all kinds of different foods.
You Know Nothing, Jon Snow
On one of the aforementioned shopping trips I finally managed to get the Jon Snow t-shirt from my wishlist! The funniest part was that the day after I bought mine, I got a text from Jess to say that she also got the same t-shirt. Great minds really do think alike! We’re already planning on wearing them out at the same time, because obviously that’s what the cool kids do.
Blog Every Day In May
With the publication of this post I can officially say that I have successfully managed to blog every single day in May! It was really quite tough, I won’t lie. It did get pretty stressful and at times I regretted it a lot, especially at the start, but once I found my stride I really got into it. One thing I’d definitely recommend to anyone wanting to do their own challenge is to have some features so you know you’ve always got a theme for a day and you only need to come up with ideas within that theme. So I came up with the idea to do my nails on a Thursday, my usual Four For Friday, my favourite albums on a Saturday and a look back on the week on a Sunday. This was especially useful around the weekend when there’s inevitably all sorts going on and you just want to get something jotted down and scheduled up! It’s also a good way of making sure the content you do come up with is pretty solid, because you aren’t wildly struggling to pluck something to post out of thin air. I’m already thinking about doing another Blog Every Day challenge – maybe not just yet, though! Lastly thank you so much to everyone who’s read any of the Blog Every Day In May posts and I hope you’ve enjoyed them!
A Dose Of Cute

To cap this month off, here’s a little dose of cute in the form of Lucy the tortoise munching a cucumber. I came across this on Tumblr the other day and have barely been able to stop watching it since. To get the full effect, you’re probably going to want to turn the volume up quite a bit. Enjoy!

 Birthday Wishlist

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