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Four For Friday #13

Four… favourite musical events*
*okay, from 2014/2015. Do you honestly expect me to narrow alllll of it down to just four?! These are in chronological order too, by the way, because going on to rank them all is another thing entirely, which I never signed up for.
1) Fall Out Boy at the Manchester Arena, March 17th 2014

I had been buzzing for this gig for absolutely ages, I’ve been a Fall Out Boy fan for so long but last year in March was the very first time I ever saw them. I got to the Manchester Arena pretty early to queue with some friends and managed to get right to the front! In fact some of my other friends who went but had seats told me afterwards they’d seen my face on the screens a couple of times! It was St. Patrick’s day and obviously Patrick made a little comment about that. Their PA system had a bit of a breakdown as well so they did a little impromptu acoustic version of Chicago Is So Two Years Ago (although a hell of a lot of people around me didn’t know the lyrics… pssssht.) I wanted to get a Manchester jumper since they were limited to however many per date but they’d sold out by the time I got to the merch stand. I’m happy enough with the Chicago one though!
2) McBusted at the Manchester Arena, May 9th 2014

I lived abroad growing up so I listened to bands like Busted and McFly but never once got to go to any of their shows. So when McBusted formed the supergroup and did a tour, I resolved to go, along with my friend Jade. They then announced that there would be a special standing pit in front of the stage, called the OMFG zone, and we decided we had to be there too! We went for a Wagamamas and a few drinks beforehand and I got a really artsy picture of Danny Jones in front of the burning McBusted logo.
3) Leeds Festival 2014, Bramham Park, Leeds, August 22nd-24th 2014

I’d been to Leeds Festival before, in 2010, so I kind of knew what to expect when I went again last year. That said they had changed their campsite a little bit, but it was nothing too difficult to figure out! I drove down instead of getting the train, I had work the day before so I couldn’t get an earlybird ticket, but I set off at about 4am on the Thursday. I’m glad I drove because it was so much easier just hopping out and trundling up instead of dragging everything on a train! I met up with my friends there and we had a good day of exploring, then on the Saturday we spent the entire day on the barrier to see Blink-182. We saw loads of great bands too like A Day To Remember, Tonight Alive, Young Guns, and even Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Unfortunately I started to feel pretty unwell due to some person’s hip bone sticking into my kidney all day so I headed home Saturday evening. Gutted I had to miss the Saturday headliners and everyone on Sunday but I’ll just have to go again to make up for it, and be a little bit vicious if anyone threatens these kidneys again!
4) All Time Low at Wembley Arena, March 20th, 2015

Okay I’ll try and keep this one brief because I’ve already written a bit about this show in Four For Friday #7 back in March. I included my photo of the solar eclipse from that day even though you can’t really see much of anything there. If you squint you can just about make out the crescent sun. I think it’s a pretty good shot given that it was taking on a moving Megabus in Manchester. I was in the moment too much and didn’t manage to get any photos of the show at all – but they were filming for their second live DVD that night, so that’s my excuse. So the photo I’ve included belongs to Elmakias. I had a look at the large version and I can actually just about spot myself, so I’m going to keep an eye on the crowd shots for the DVD. At one point (when I was crying at Alex’s speech) I swear I spotted a guy pointing a camera straight at me. I sincerely hope that’s not on the DVD. I can totally sue if it is, though, right..?!


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