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Things From The Week #4

TBTO- Throwback Time Out


When I was younger Time Out was always my favourite chocolate bar, and this week my brother and I were reminiscing so the next day I went to see if Tesco had any. They had these single finger multipacks for £1 so I couldn’t say no, even if they used to come in two-finger packets! Needless to say these didn’t last long.
Pizza and Movie Night
Saturday night I went round to Jess’ house after work and we had pizza and watched Pitch Perfect. We ordered from Papa John’s, which I’d never had before, but really enjoyed! We got starters and then a pizza each, but realised we had no dessert, so we drove out to McDonalds and got McFlurries, before sitting on the sofa feeling like bloaters the rest of the night.


Alarming Alarms
This week I’ve been on the early shifts, starting at 8 every day. On Friday my alarm either didn’t go off or I managed to turn it off without realising and fell straight back to sleep. I woke up again at 7:20, when I usually leave the house at 7:30. Oops! I rushed to get ready in 10 minutes and somehow managed to only leave five minutes later than usual! So I got to work in plenty of time, I even had time to calm myself down before I needed to start. My friend Kirsty said to me, “so you were running late but you still managed to do your eyeliner?” Yes I did, you don’t want to see me without it, trust me!!

Agent Carter


After it first aired in the U.S. in January I’ve been pining for this show to come to UK screens. I’m not the type of person for watching things online except for services like Netflix so this has kind of been testing my patience, but this week Marvel have announced that it’s finally making its way across the ocean! I really am so excited to watch it – I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. Agent Carter hits UK screens in July on FOX!



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