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Things From The Week #5

5 Seconds Of Summer
I went to see 5 Seconds Of Summer this Wednesday at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. Jamie and I went all out and bought standing tickets with the soundcheck experience which was good but probably not worth quite the amount more that it cost. The show was really good, but last night they played Wembley Arena and one of the members of the band walked into a firework and managed to catch his hair on fire! I hope he’s okay!! My photos from the night were okay, the best one I took is the one in that montage of Luke, but I’m pretty impressed with quite how bad this one is…
Jurassic World

I have been looking forward to seeing Jurassic World ever since it was announced that it was in production. I’m very glad to report that it was well worth the wait! I won’t post any spoilers but I’ll just say that Louise and I guessed the two plot twists because we are amazing.

Ever since leaving Germany/Austria I’ve been on an eternal mission to find these biscuits, or something to rival them. So far I have failed, but this week my Aunty went to Germany for my cousin’s wedding and she asked if there was anything she could bring back for me. These were the first things that came to my mind! She brought me back two packets but my mum has already claimed one as her own, how cheeky. I wish one of the German supermarkets here sold these, I just know they’d be sooo popular with German expats and Brits who lived out there! Come on Aldi/Lidl, get on that!
Manchester Day
Today is Sunday, June 14th. The weather is horrible. And it is Manchester Day. I’m pretty sure Manchester Day has been a thing for a while but it’s really taken off since the riots in 2011, which sparked off the We ❤ MCR campaign (which was quite a difficult hashtag to follow as it was full of My Chemical Romance fangirls…). So to celebrate the day I’m leaving you with a song from one of our city’s greatest musical acts. Manchester is fantastic for music (and football, and plenty of other things) and one of the most famous acts of of the city has to be The Smiths, so here’s This Charming Man for your enjoyment. Happy Manchester Day!




14 thoughts on “Things From The Week #5

  1. Hahaha When I saw that I ❤ MCR I instantly thought My Chemical Romance. Oh dear am I one of those terrible fan girls 😛 also Jurrasic World is AWESOME isn't it? I genuinley think better than the first three put together 🙂


  2. I'm still not used to MCR not meaning My Chemical Romance, and I've lived in Manchester for over a year now! Manchester Day was pretty good actually, despite the grey weather and the massive crowds of people – I guess that's all you can expect from an event like that!

    Hannah Simpson Writes


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