Four For Friday

Four For Friday #14

Four… Favourite Actresses

1) Emma Stone

Emma Stone is one funny lady, and she’s ginger! Okay, she’s not naturally ginger, but she might as well be. I think the first thing I saw her in was probably Superbad, and I’ve followed her career since then. She played Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man: I’ve always loved Spider-Man (I always maintained that I wish he’d been with Gwen instead of old Mary Jane) and that just made me love her even more. I respect her so much as a person as well, so yeah, Emma Stone is one of my favourite actresses, if not my ultimate favourite.
2) Jennifer Lawrence
J-Law is another Marvel lady, having played Mystique in the recent X-Men movies. The first film I saw her in was probably The Hunger Games, but then I went back and watched a few of the other things she was in beforehand. I think she’s an incredibly diverse actress, and I felt like her recent turn in American Hustle was the redeeming factor of an otherwise pretty dull movie. I’d like to see her in more comedic roles in future!
3) Kate Hudson
I really do feel like you can’t go wrong with a good Kate Hudson rom-com. I’m a sucker for rom-coms as it is, but if Kate Hudson is thrown into the equation you can basically guarantee I’ll be there. I really can’t put my finger on the first thing I ever saw her in because of how vast her credits are but I think my favourite of her films has got to be Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway. I can’t honestly count how many times I’ve seen that movie now. It’s a shame that she’s not been in much recently but having had time off to have a baby she can have a pass.
4) Anna Kendrick
Emma Stone’s closest rival for the title of my favourite actress has to be Anna Kendrick. In fact, no, I’m going to say it. Anna Kendrick IS my favourite actress. She’s hilarious and I find that a lot of things she says are very similar to things I would say. In fact, once my friends and I were discussing who would play each other in the movies of our lives. They said that Anna Kendrick would play me, because, as Louise said, “sometimes I see these tweets and I have to look twice to see whether it’s her or you.” Which is incredibly flattering! She taught herself to do the cup song and I did the same (after she made it famous, of course.) Everything I’ve seen her in has been brilliant, I especially liked Up In The Air which was a bit of a change of pace from her usual comedic roles. I recently saw Pitch Perfect 2 which I absolutely loved, I’d been counting down to it since they announced it. I’m a bit confused as to how they’re going to make a third but they are, and you can be sure I’ll be seeing it because my favourite actress will be in it. Let’s be fair, I might as well start my countdown for it now.
Who are your favourite actresses? Keep an eye out for next week’s post with my favourite actors!



12 thoughts on “Four For Friday #14

  1. It's hard for me to pick a favourite actress only because I tend to love a male lead role, but I do love Jennifer Aniston, I think it's a friends thing though not so much her movies (she hasn't always picked the best roles). Emily Blunt is amazing, especially in the adjustment bureau and the fact she is British makes me love her more, I do like it when UK actors/actress make it big in the USA. All time favourite is Julia Roberts, in my eyes she has never done a bad movie, so I would have to rate her number 1 for me.

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite


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