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Things From The Week #6

Game Of Thrones Season Finale

On Monday (in the UK) the season 5 finale of Game Of Thrones aired. I will try and write a bit about it whilst trying to stay spoiler free too! The photo above is actually my reaction to Chicharito leaving Manchester United but it completely works in this scenario as well. There was a death in this episode which has left me questioning whether or not to continue watching past this season. At least, we assume it was a death, but I’m really clinging onto the hope that since this character wasn’t categorically, unquestionably dead at the end of the episode, they might live long enough to see the next season. That said, my brother keeps telling me this cast member has not renewed their contract for season 6, but they may be saying that to be deliberately coy. You can tell I don’t want this character to be dead, can’t you?

A Day Out With Louise

On Wednesday Louise and I had a little day out in the city centre of where we live. We went to a Chinese buffet for lunch which was so delicious that I forgot to take photos of it before tucking in, then went looking for a present for her colleague. I helped her pick out what she gave him in the end, and she was a bit concerned that he might already have had it, but his birthday was Friday and she told me all was well and he really enjoyed it! Afterwards I had to go to work, so since she and I work on the same retail park we decided to pop in to say hi to her colleagues and have a Costa before I had to go. Her mum popped by as well so we all had a nice little chat! I was a bit worried that I’d feel a little rushed at work but actually I think having had a lovely day really made that shift go by really easily and mostly stress-free.



We Blog MCR Meet Up

I had been excited to go to the We Blog MCR meet up for weeks so I was practically buzzing when Thursday rolled round and it was finally time to go! I was a bit nervous as I went on my own and didn’t know anybody there beforehand. I was thinking to myself, oh god, what if they’re all off in groups and I just seem like someone jumping into a conversation uninvited?! But as it turns out all the ladies were absolutely lovely and very welcoming and I’ve made some wonderful new friends from it! I’ll be posting a proper write-up about the day next week (hopefully tomorrow!) so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Chris Pratt’s Essex Accent

This video is actually a couple of week’s old now but I only stumbled upon it this week, probably in amongst looking for Jurassic World interviews. Chris Pratt and his wife Anna Faris apparently love The Only Way Is Essex, and he seems to have picked up the accent from watching the show. His Essex accent is probably better than mine, and I used to live not too far from Essex. That’s a tiny bit embarrassing!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week!



8 thoughts on “Things From The Week #6

  1. Haha your top picture.. I thought you were doing that old school scene kid claw thing.. if you don't know what I am on about I will sound like a right tool (pictures can be provided upon request LOL)
    x GNAR MOSH x


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