#WeBlogMCR Meet Up

This week I went to the We Blog MCR meet up at the Foundation Coffee House in Manchester. I first heard about this when Holly on the We Blog MCR twitter page tweeted out the date back at the start of May. I usually work Thursday evenings so I booked the day off work and RSVP’d yes!

On Thursday, June 18th, I set off into Manchester (and got caught in some heavy traffic in the city centre) parked up eventually and made my way over to the Foundation Coffee House. I’d never heard of it before this meet up, but it was an absolutely gorgeous place. I walked in and Holly came over to greet me straight away. I was pretty nervous because this was my first ever meet up event and I didn’t know a single person there. But Holly introduced me to the girls she’d been sitting with and I instantly felt welcomed and included. One of them, Sarah Jane, has just started up her own clothing company, Fallen Pretty, which she kindly made some little goodie bags to advertise! In mine there was a business card, a lollipop, a pack of tissues, a keyring, a nail file, some loom bands and three sherbet straws!
We had a little chat amongst ourselves then we had a Q&A session, pulling questions on paper out of a little bag. It really gave me a great insight into some things I had never even thought about, and I’ve definitely gained some inspiration from everyone who was there.
There were a couple of prizes to be won, too, by placing your business card in a box. I don’t have any blog business cards, so instead I wrote my name on a piece of paper and…


I only went and won one! A box of five Vita Coco drinks! My mum recently decided to branch out and try Vita Coco’s coconut water, so when I came home with this prize her eyes lit up. We’re going to share the pineapple and peach & mango ones but the rest are all for her! The other prize was a health kit of some description, which Sarah Jane won.
During the evening the guys at Foundation brought us a couple of goodies to try out. One was an espresso martini, which sounded amazing but I drove so I didn’t want to risk it. The other drinks were little energy shots, but again I couldn’t have any since one had lemon and the other had grapefruit. I have it on good authority from the others that they were fantastic and everyone was feeling very refreshed after drinking them! One of the guys gave us a talk about all the benefits of them, which was really interesting.

Afterwards we took some group shots and explored the rest of the space – which included a fancy little conference room, shown above, with a plasma TV inside for presentations! We all headed our separate ways, and I gave one of the girls, Laura, a lift home since her house was on my way home. I had a really fantastic time and I already can’t wait for the next meet up!
Here are some links for you all – the WeBlogMCR and Foundation Coffee websites and the blogs of all the lovely ladies:
The Foundation Coffee House website
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Radiance Nutrition Health & Fitness
Smile At Style
Sarah Jane Jackson
Kat Horrocks
Emmylou Kelly Photography
Happy Little Places
Greedy Sisters



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