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My Little French Riviera Box – June

A new month means a new My Little Box! I got an email on June 11th to say that my box was going to be slightly late this month. I wasn’t too bothered, it just made it all the more exciting when it did come. And, after all that, it arrived on time anyway! Even their version of ‘late’ is on time, good work My Little Paris!
I’m going to be upfront and say that this sticker strikes me as slightly ironic. You’re not sailing away if your anchor is out. Unless this is meant to be them pulling up the anchor?! I’ve always had a love for boats and sailing, so this rubbed me up the right way anyway. The box’s theme this month is the French Riviera, and it’s also a collaboration with designer Sarah Lavoine. The French Riviera is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit – one day I’d love to coiff champagne at the Monaco Grand Prix!


One of the first things I noticed in the box was the Planters Duo (£6.50 from These little bags are perfect to either hold plant pots or to hold your make up brushes! I think that’s really cool how diverse these are, and I’ll have to keep them away from my mum before she pinches them!
The second thing I noticed was this little, rectangular, teal box. I had no idea what was inside, and then I pulled out some gorgeous sunglasses designed by Sarah Lavoine and My Little Box! (£18 from They’re purple rimmed and absolutely gorgeous. I even gave them to my mum and brother to try on and they actually really suited all three of us! Mum didn’t even take that much convincing that they looked really cute on her, and that is saying something. There was also a little print in with the magazine which says, “This is my happy place,” with a picture of a girl whizzing along on a saily boat. As I mentioned, I love boats and sailing, so as I write this, this poster has already gone up in my room. Perfect!
Now for the beauty goodies…
1) Ciment Thermique, Blow-Dry Care for Damaged Hair by Kérastase, £20.50 for 150ml. My hair splits really easily, and although the name does say blow-dry care, the bottle itself says it protects hair against all heated styling products, so I’ll be trying this out, even though I don’t blow-dry my hair. I do straighten it, so that can be its test! You may remember that in March’s Super Box I got another Kérastase product, a conditioner. I absolutely loved it and it’s sealed the brand’s place in my favourites! The Ciment Thermique smells just gorgeous, and I really can’t wait to try it!
2) Nail Polish Loved by Sarah Lavoine, £6.50 per bottle. As you probably know by now I love my nail polish. I usually go for a good old Barry M but this is such a gorgeous colour I might just make an exception for it. Blues are always a good nail colour, there’s a shade to match to pretty much anything, and you can see there’s a definite blue theme running through this month’s box. I just put some new polish on the other day, but once that starts to come off I think I’ll put this on next.
3) Sea Salt Fresh Scrub by My Little Beauty, £8.50 for 75ml. This is really very reminiscent of last month’s sea-scented box, and it definitely feels a little like it would have fit in really nicely there. It smells all sea-like, just like the things from May’s Provence Box. It also has a whiff of cucumber to it, which is gorgeous, I absolutely love cucumbers, the smell and the taste! The scrub itself has sea salt crystals in it for exfoliation your skin. I’m terrible for moisturising, so the next best thing is to use an exfoliating scrub to get all those dead layers of skin off. I’m really going to try to convince myself to use this, this time around. Honest.



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