Four For Friday

Four For Friday #15

Four… Favourite Actors

Last week I did a post about my four favourite actresses, so it’s only fair that I now make a post about my favourite actors, too.

1) Ryan Reynolds

I absolutely love Ryan Reynolds, and he’s currently filming a movie for one of my favourite Marvel characters. Ryan Reynolds loves Deadpool almost as much as I do (if not more?!) and I’m so excited for the movie to come out in February! I’m going to book my tickets as soon as I can. I honestly can’t wait! The first thing I saw Ryan Reynolds in was most likely Just Friends and my favourite thing I’ve seen him in was Definitely, Maybe.

2) Chris Pine

I honestly feel a little bit like Chris Pine’s beautiful eyes might have hypnotised me into putting him into this list, but to be fair he is a brilliant actor as well so I’m not terribly bothered. The first movie of his I’d have seen would have been The Princess Diaries 2… Woah, throwback there! He played James Tiberius Kirk in the most recent iteration of Star Trek movies, and it’s no secret that I’m quite a Trekkie. I loved The Next Generation, and I wasn’t too keen on the Original Series but Chris Pine made me fall in love with Kirk.

3) Chris Pratt


What? No, this has nothing to do with the fact that I’ve already been to see Jurassic World twice in the past two weeks and I can’t remember how many times I saw Guardians of the Galaxy. I loved Parks & Recreation – I admittedly didn’t discover it until quite late on in its lifespan, as I only started watching it when the BBC in the UK started airing it, but I loved Chris Pratt in it. He’s an all round funny guy, too, and he just really seems like the kind of guy you want to have a beer and play ping pong with.

4) Leonardo DiCaprio

Where do I start with Leonardo DiCaprio? He’s straight-up been my favourite actor for as long as I can remember. I have seen most of his films and I’ve loved most of them too. Naturally the first one I saw him in would have been Titanic, but my favourite has to be Inception – I’m a massive Christopher Nolan fan too, so the combination of the pair of them working together nearly exploded my little head. I think it’s a complete travesty that he hasn’t won his well-deserved Oscar yet, I feel like it’s some stupid game that the judges think they’re being funny playing. I’m calling it, too, that he will never receive one in his lifetime, and that they’ll posthumously give him a lifetime achievement award or some rubbish.


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