Things From The Week #7

Jurassic World… Again
Louise and I went to the Trafford Centre cause I needed my phone fixing (it kept resetting itself, but the guy couldn’t fix it so he straight up gave me a new one…). We went to Five Guys and I took some nice photos but I forgot I had to restore my phone and I lost them. I had a good selfie of Lou and I in our IMAX specs as well but that’s gone too! 😦 anyway when we were at the Trafford Centre we realised there was an IMAX screen so we were like ‘…wanna go see Jurassic World again?’ Let me tell you- it’s not really worth seeing in normal 3D but TOTALLY worth seeing in IMAX!
Business Cards 
When I went to the WeBlogMCR meet-up everyone was exchanging business cards and they kept asking for mine, so I had to keep telling them I don’t have any. Everyone told me I should get some, so I was thinking about it and then a few days later I got an email from Vistaprint, it was just one of their newsletters but it kind of felt like a sign. So I spent ages making these business cards and uploaded them to the website and then managed to find a sneaky discount code, so obviously I had them made! I’m really pleased with how they turned out, and I can’t wait until the next blogger event to be able to proudly hand them out!


Louise’s Work Night Out

The shop I work at is on a little retail park, and I was lucky enough that my best friend worked in a shop on the same retail park. Sadly her shop has been shut down this weekend, but thankfully it’s a franchise so she’s just being transferred to another one not so far away. They had a closing down do and she asked me to come as her plus one! We went out afterwards too because it’s Lou’s birthday on Monday so we had a mini celebration for that too!

Enter Shikari – Torn Apart

I’ve always liked Enter Shikari (or Enter Shakira, as people occasionally mis-name them) ever since I first heard Sorry, You’re Not A Winner. When I used to live in Hertfordshire, in fact, I saw them in a Sainsbury’s supermarket, and I was really excited but totally playing it cool. Anyway I feel like recently their music has sort of started drifting away from the old stuff that I really liked – I’m not complaining because I obviously know bands progress and experiment and sometimes their sound changes. Their second album, Common Dreads is their best stuff, in my opinion, and their new song, Torn Apart, sounds like it could easily have come from that album. The video has been on the Kerrang video charts all week so I’ve been listening to it a lot and thought I’d share it! Hope you’ve all had a good week!


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