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Four For Friday #16


Four… Libertines Songs

Yesterday, Thursday, July 2nd, The Libertines announced they were getting back together (again) and making a new album! In celebration I thought I’d share four of their tracks. I was lucky enough to have seen them play live at Leeds Festival in 2010, so most of these songs were chosen with that in mind, thinking back to what was amazing to listen to live.

1) Don’t Look Back Into The Sun

The classic Libertines track, more than likely the first song that’ll come to mind when you think of The Libertines. In fact, a lot of people who probably can’t identify the band by their name will recognise this song if you played it for them. An anthem! This was brilliant at Leeds, because they managed to time it so that they played this as the sun was setting. One of my favourite memories!

2) Can’t Stand Me Now

Another classic – even my mum knows this song, she likes to sing ‘can’t take me anywhere, can’t take me anywhere!’ whenever we’re out and she spills some food or a drink or something. Bless her.

3) Boys In The Band

At Leeds fest, I had lost my friends (I don’t think they wanted to see The Libertines) and I remember this was one of the first songs they played, and I made some new friends to dance with as we sang the lyrics at each other!

4) Gunga Din


And finally, Gunga Din is the new track the band unveiled on Radio 1 last night! I have a feeling it’s more of a grower, so I think I’ll need to give it a couple of listens, but I do like it so far!

Are you a Libertines fan? What’s your favourite song of theirs? And what do you think of Gunga Din?

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