Things From The Week #8

Müller What, Now?!
If you’re UK based, you have probably seen the adverts for these new Müller “Püd” dessert things, you know, starring Nicole Scherzinger. Obviously it’s meant to say pud, like short for pudding. But it doesn’t. I first saw this advert last week and I realised what it actually says, because ü is a German letter. And Müller are a German company. They know what Püd says, and they’re laughing about it. You see, ü is pronounced like oo…
Trafford Centre With Jess 
This Monday was really warm, so naturally Jess and I decided to spend it inside. We were actually looking for things for her holiday this week and for mine in August to be fair. And we got ice cream cones from Thorntons! We both got honeycomb but she also got a scoop of chocolate underneath. Mmm!
Oui, Stephen
There’s a Starbucks next to work and I just want to say that I go in there a fair bit and know the baristas there, and this was one of my favourite baristas, so I’m not annoyed or anything. But he asked for my name and wrote Stephen. Close enough, I guess! PS, this was one of those newish yogurt frappuccinos, and it was really nice, if you like the normal frappuccinos I reckon you’ll like the yogurt ones!



The Wonder Years – Cardinals

My weekly video share has sort of become a weekly music video share recently. At least it’s been pretty varied music – you can’t possibly be bored! I found The Wonder Years a few years ago (I just checked, it was 5 years ago. What?!) when I first saw their music video for Melrose Diner. This Monday they announced their new album, new song, and a new music video to go along with it. This is the video for Cardinals, which has been stuck in my head since Monday. It’s a brilliant song although the video is a little odd. Enjoy!



12 thoughts on “Things From The Week #8

  1. Teehee – Pood. That’s actually apt since I think Sherzinger looks like she has poo on her nose in that stupid advert. Oh, I hope I’ve not put you off eating the damn thing!

    Oh So Gawjess


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